Tuesday, 31 January 2017

From JamesL - Lorraine Schlepper and friends (25 points)

Another small contribution, this time to add some firepower to my LW Germans in Bolt Action.
First up is the excellent Warlord Games kit for the 155mm heavy howitzer armed Lorraine Schlepper converted tractor

The Germans converted a number of captured French artillery tractors into self propelled anything towards the end of WW2, and one of these designs included mounting their heavy howitzer onto a lightly armoured cab.

This Warlord kit is superbly detailed, with the crews jacket and helmet stowed away, cartridges protruding from their stowage in the floor, and rivet work around the hull.
I've painted mine in one of the many camo schemes used by the 21st Panzer Division in Normandy, in order to fit in with my Bolt Action force. Next up is the last of my units that I had painted for my recent CanCon Bolt Action tournament army, a Veteran SS sniper team.
Another excellent kit from Warlord Games, the sniper is in a very purposeful prone position, and even has some clever hat camouflage to protect against enemy heavy machine guns (cue PaulOG ). Bravo!- ED
I tried a variant of the Oak Leaf camo for the sniper himself, and kept his spotter in Spring, whilst having the sniper wear a combination of Spring and Autumn Oak Leaf.
I finished these chaps the night before CanCon and they went on to earn their keep throughout the tournament

Paul & Alan: Nice job mate - that Schlepper is wonderfully detailed and clearly the effort you put into those snipers' camo paid off on the table!  Congrats on making the top 10 in the CanCon Bolt Action tourney- great stuff!  Enjoy the infamy of being "That guy who brought an 88...."


  1. The Germans stuck 150mm howitzers on anything, didn't they? The Lorraine was a pretty small chassis, but they managed!

    Great work on these models, James!

  2. Nice work all round. I particularly like the Schlepper Perhaps because I have never painted one. Good to see the Germans in Oak leaf as well.

  3. I've always liked the Schlepper. I don't have any but its just looks so awkward its cool. Very nice work.

  4. Nice work James and cool to hear these figs are already battle-hardened.

  5. Nice work James, that's a off the track but lovely AFV.

  6. I've always had a soft spot for this AFV so nice to see it and it's a lovely job as is the infantry.
    Best Iain

  7. The schlepper just had to win "the best name for a weapon of war ever". Really nice job on this, it's going to deliver the pain to someone!

  8. Great work on the Germans, James! The SPG is really fine, I like the details in the gun compartment. The sniper team is my favorite, excellent work on the camouflage and I really like how the groundwork works with a sniper who knows"concealment" ! ;)

  9. Great looking AFV, though it looks like it would topple over if on a slope, lovely work on all pieces


  10. Great work James! The Lorraine schlepper is one of the most ungainly fighting vehicles I've ever seen. As Evan says, by the end of the war they were putting guns on almost anything that could move. I really like the attention to detail you put into the vehicle's interior. Well done.