Wednesday, 11 January 2017

From PaulS: The Weirder it gets... (145 Points)

One of my personal goals for this year's painting challenge was to try and build up my WW2/Weird War collection a bit to go with Konflikt '47 and Achtung! Cthulhu to go with the Commandos and Heer that I've done over the last 2 years.

Previously I had:
- 1 Officer with 2 guards
- 1 Medic
- 1 Sniper team
- 7 Heer with 1 MG team and 1 Panzerfaust
- 8 Heer with 1 Panzerfaust

While this isn't bad, it could be bigger, so this year we've got a number of additions to the forces in the shape of some Grenadier and Pioneer models.

The reinforcements have brought an engineer along, with his pet Goliath... though I'm not entirely sure what this is used as in Bolt Action as I can't see any entries for Goliath. All of these are from the Pioneer box set. Some of the metal bits really don't seem to fit the plastics, so I'm confused how to build the control set for the Goliath... I think some hacking and greenstuff is needed in the near future.

The box set also has an anti-tank rifle team for some of those heavy infantry squads that will no doubt appear if I ever get a game in.

We have an MG42 team that can either be put into one of the infantry squads, or take one of the riflemen and turn it into an MMG team for some more static support.

Supporting all of these is one 10 man squad of basic, rifle toting infantry, with one Panzerfaust for a bit of anti-armour if required. these are a combination of bits from the Grenadier and Pioneer kits. I know this gives a bit of a mish-mash of uniform styles that may cause some people to have sleepless nights, but I'm aiming for weird war here, rather than historical accuracy... so it doesn't really bother me much.

And a super assault-y elite infantry squad with an officer, 1 smg/panzerfaust and 6, yes 6, assault rifles. By Konflikt rules, this is fine and dandy. I can even add the MG42 team to this to make it even more obscene. For normal BA games, these would be split across multiple squads to be less *cheese* and more historically correct... In Achtung! Cthulhu these would either count as Black Sun Elite and remain as-is, or be split into pairs and spread across the Wehrmacht squads for a bit of additional kick.

That is the end of the painted German forces... for now. There are plenty more in the backlog, so I'm interested to see what the total point values are for Bolt Action, Konflikt and A!C by the end of the challenge! Full army photo will be added when I can find some space to lay it all out together.

In addition to this the Allies have reinforcements in the shape of three new Achtung! Cthulhu heroes. Well. 2 heroes and her pet winged monster.

That is the end of the WW2 bits, but the painting continued in a very eclectic manner to include a Magos for Shadows of Brimstone.

And everyone's favourite vigilante for his very own miniature game... Batfleck.

Depending on how you class the Goliath, this is 29 28mm figures. Or 28 and a 15mm tank equivalent

ByronM: Another eclectic mix of figures today, and all of them look great. While the WWII stuff is good, my favourite here is the mix at the bottom on the entry.  The Actung Cthulhu stuff looks fabulous in its evil tentacleyness (yeah, I made that word up, but it really should be a word, we need it to describe many things from Lovecraft and many things Japanese).  I like a lot of their figures and the once you painted here are really well done.  

Then onto more tenacleyness (see we really do need it as a real word) for your Magos.  I like how you used high contrast with the blue and red, and then tied the magic items together both having purple/violet colouring.  Lastly, Batfleck, where you did a great job keeping it dark, but still brought enough grey into it to allow you to see details and add depth.  

Since the Goliath is essentially the same size/volume as a normal 28mm figure, I am going to count it all up as 29x 28mm figures for a total of 145 points today.  Well done!


  1. What a great mix, very nice work


  2. Great work! Loving the Cthulu stuff.
    Richard P

  3. More Weird WW2 stuff - great! Can't ever have enough!

    +1 for having tentacleyness included in the Oxford dictionary

    Love the shading on Batfleck - black is darn hard to do well and that's a cracker!

  4. Nice work Paul. Really like your WWWII stuff.

  5. A nice lot of diversity. Love Weird War stuff take every thing wrong and mucked up mid 20 Century and add the mythos! Just to muck it up even more.

    1. I'm sure there will be further mucking up of the war later in this challenge ;)

  6. Great mix of minis! The Magos especially is amazing!

  7. Lovely set, you've managed to get a great contrast between the realistic Germans and the more eclectic weird elements, bet they look ace in the tabletop.

  8. Good stuff . Really like the Batflevk

  9. Wonderful work Paul, but I have to say that those Cthulhu figures and Magos push all the right buttons for me.