Wednesday, 11 January 2017

From TeemuL: Odd Goblin (5 points)

Okay, so here we go again. It has quite quiet day in the challenge blog and I have had rather quiet day at home, so I was able to finish one more miniature for today.

Behold the mighty goblin!

This is an old Marauder goblin, don't know the year or the sculptor. I got this in a mixed bag some years ago. The shield is probably much newer than the wearer, though.

Look at the size of that shield! And Sword!

His first assignment will be leading my (night) goblin arrer unit. During the previous challenges I have been painting some old night goblins, but with red hoods and other clothing, so basically they work as regular goblins as well. Oh yeah, if they get on to the gaming table, it will probably be the 5th edition of Warhammer FB. And back to the arrer unit, they don't have a leader at the moment, so this little fellow will find his place there. In the future he might see more action, if I manage to paint a unit full of close combat goblins.

Painting is nothing fancy, but I tried to keep it neat and pick the details up. I was going back and forth, if I should paint some clothes to yellow instead of red, but then decided, that there's so little clothing, that it would be better to paint all red. And I was first introduced to Warhammer miniatures during the (in)famous Red Era.

One very small 25mm miniature is still worth 5 points.

ByronM: The Red era may be infamous, but Red Ones still go fasta' so its worth sticking with it.  Thanks for sending in a second entry on a slow(ish) day Teemu.   The painted shield is nice here, especially with the grinning face on it, it's like he is taunting you before he even looks at you.


  1. Nice one - love the shield on particular!

    1. Thanks, the shield came up nice and fits the model well.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Clint, there's no Hammer like Oldhammer! :)

  3. I never tire of your Oldhammer entries


    1. That's nice to hear Ian, there's probably more coming in the future. :)