Tuesday, 7 February 2017

From ChrisH: Barely holding up my end of the bargain (48 points)

I had hoped to get this lot done before the end of last year alas it was not to be. Yet these 12 Perry Swiss crossbowmen are done. Soon they will fly off towards Canada to their owner that has been wondering what ever happened to them. So my last commission piece for a while has finished and I can get onto (not) painting my lead pile and plastic pinnacle.

Perry Swiss in Lorraine Livery
I recently had the pleasure of attending CanCon, Australia's largest games convention and playing in the Infinity tournament. The joy of 5 games in two days is great, but I was so rushed with my gaming and trying to sell stuff through the bring and buy that I both neglected to spend much with traders, nor take photos of anything else that happened on the days. I did not even get to meet up with other bloggers. For your viewing pleasure this was a friends little force, and a table typical of the day. Even if you are not overly competitive ( I am not) it is great to meet and game with people you just don't normally.

Brendan's force Photo from some one else blog

One of 28 brilliant tables. Photo from some one else blog

Overall points wise, 12 X 5 = 60points or a bit less as they are not based due to the clients requirements.

Alan and Paul: I'm sure the new owner will be proud to welcome such nice figures to his ranks
Sorry we missed you at the Bloggers meet up at CanCon - maybe next year.

As the rules are that figures to be 'based and groundwork completed', this was referred to the supreme court, who ruled that 4 points per figure would be appropriate. So 12 x 4 = 48 points for this unit


  1. One day I will get back to CANCON...one day, one year. Nice looking perry crossbow dudes. cheers

  2. Nice work on the crossbowmen, and thanks for sharing the Infinity pictures. It's a game I just got into about 3 months ago.

    1. Great game, i hope you really enjoy it. It can be a little hard to get all the rules right for your first oh 20 games or so but I have had a lot of fun playing this.

  3. Nice work, hope to touch base at CanCon sometime!

  4. Ah, excellent work Chris! Those Perry plastics never cease to please. I very much look forward to adding these lads to my slowly growing Italian Wars collection. Bellissimo!

  5. Nice crossbowmen and the infinity table looks ace - I plan to have one that good one day!

  6. Nice looking Perry crossbow men.
    Best Iain

  7. I'm a big fan of the Perry renaissance plastics, and you've done well on these. I look forward to running these lads over on Curt's table!

  8. Better late than never and I am sure they will be pleased with them


  9. I've played several games against Swiss armies where I've been decimated so badly I must have wargames PTSD. These nice figures aren't helping.