Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Anthony O - Vichy French, BEF Armoured might and the Russian Horde - 268 Points

This is the first week of my holidays and the first time all my three children are at school so my painting has stepped up with all this free time. This week I added another two squads to my Vichy French in North Africa as well as getting some British armour onto the field for the BEF. To top it off I started on another Russian horde for Team Yankee which whilst impressive in numbers was the easiest to paint.

 French Foreign Legion - 40 Points

These eight Legionaries are from Artizan Miniatures and make up another squad for my Vichy French in North Africa.  The best thing about this force is that I can take it to an event and if playing an Axis opponent I will just say that they have switched sides and long live Charles De Gaulle! 

 Goumiers - 60 Points

These guys are also from Artizan and are an amazing, though small, range. The 12 that I have are suitable for use from Africa through Italy and even into France although one of the French officers has US kit on and as such would be rested for the Vichy force. I have included a shot below to show you how these two squads fit into the entire force and you may recognise the armoured car up the back and some other Pulp miniatures I have painted this challenge. All up for this army I have painted 30 of these troops during this challenge.

Vickers Mk VI Light Tanks - British Expeditionary Force 1939/40 - 40 Points

Blitzkrieg Miniatures make these 1/56 vehicles and they are really fantastic resin kits. I really wanted these for my BEF as I think they are on par with the Matilda II as iconic and I think they sum up nicely the British inter war theory on cavalry type tanks being small and lightly armed. One of the tanks is set up for the desert war so not strictly accurate for BEF however you make do with what you have available.

Team Yankee - Russian vehicles - 124 Points

The Russian horde is made up of five T72's, two Gopher SAM vehicles, three Carnation SP Howitzers and ten BMP 2's. All these miniatures are from Battlefront and are a mixture of resin and mostly plastic kits. Again whilst impressive in number at 15mm and all the same colour they are relatively easy to batch paint.

Thanks for all your great comments so far from my submissions and I am hoping for another big week next week!

Alan and Paul: Blimey Patch - you really went thermonuclear with the paint bomb this week. It is a pleasure seeing such a variety of figures and models, painted to such a magnificent standard. My favourites are definitely the Goumiers. Great, characterful figures, and I love the job you have done on their striped clothing. With all the vehicles and crew figures your total comes to 264 points, but I'm giving you an extra couple of points for the Goumiers.


  1. Some incredible painting all around, but I particularly love the Goumiers - some amazing brush work there. Wow.

  2. I like the blue of the Legion, but those Goumiers are super!

  3. Absolutely stunning! I have to echo Greg here and say that the Goumiers are my favourite of a stellar selection of figures. Bravo Patch!

  4. Thanks! The Goumiers are my favorite as well, so much character about the miniatures

  5. The two tone coats and the blue ones are really nicely done, fantastic work all round!

  6. Wow those Goumiers are fab as are your legion types nice to be able to use them on both sides, BEF tanks are great too.
    Best Iain

  7. Love the blue you used in the FFL.

  8. The French are all excellent and the Goumiers are almost too pretty to use on the table.

    Great work

  9. Great work all around. I'm a sucker for the light tanks!

  10. Absolutely top notch stuff all round! The Gourmiers really are the icing on the cake though.

  11. Great looking points bomb


  12. A really superb entry. The striped Goumiers and the blue accents on the Legionaires make this such a visual feast (and Goumiers! almost as ferocious as the Gurkhas), but what really delights me the most are the hardbitten expressions on your BEF tankers, as if they want to fight all those WP tanks and fully expect to win. Fab!

    1. Thanks Michael, those mighty BEF will not hesitate to go head to head with much bigger beasts!

  13. A brilliant entry! I simply love the Vichy French and the Ruski's look darn good as well, but those early Brits are my favourites!