Tuesday, 14 February 2017

From RusselG - Paying my Share (30 points)

Hello Painters and Readers,

A small post today with my progress on my half of the Curtgeld.

The following miniatures are the retainers of Penda, the last pagan warlord.

I took on the challenge of painting his standard bearer and bodyguard, which i will be sending on to RossM so he can complete the set.

The set is available from Gripping Beast.

They require some matt varnish to remove the gloss from some mild washes, but are otherwise finished, as they are to be based by RossM.

2 x 28mm miniatures.

Alan and Paul: The Gripping Beast vignette these are from is stunning, and I think you are going to make Curt a very happy Overlord. 2 x 28mm figures give you ten points, with another 20 for the Curtgeld. Being a sucker for hand painted shields I've given you an extra point for that and the embroidery on the standard bearer's tunic.


  1. Very nice painting on these!

  2. Oh wow, those are lovely Russel, thanks so very much! As Alan says the shield and embroidery are just terrific. I really look forward to seeing them with Ross' basework.

  3. Nice. Love the pose of the shoulder resting spear dude with the chain mail executioners face. nice painting. cheers

  4. The shield is very well done. Terrific pair.

  5. Lovely work Russell! I thought these were 54s at first glance.

  6. Thank you everyone, these were very easy to paint, I have been avoiding 28mm for a few years but I enjoyed painting these two.
    Maybe time to return to the larger miniatures.

  7. They look lovely, Russell!
    That fellow with the chain mail is very well done- not to take away from the standard bearer at all, but I really like the the transition of metal and cloth.

  8. Hi Russ,

    These look great and the other figure was started last week. Hope that I am able to do these gents some justice with the other figure and basing.

    Cheers, Ross