Friday, 17 February 2017

Happy Friday from Friday Minion

Yes, Friday Minion has to work this week, so no more loafing about, tea in hand, idly popping posts up on the blog when the mood takes me.

Still, I take great cheer from the delights the Friday Crew has for you all today:

  • Monsters from KeithS
  • Some wheels from SanderS
  • A bunch of SCW Moroccans from KenR (with a flag! Woo!)
  • VictorK working in 28mm, with historicals and SciFi,
  • A 6mm battlehost from IanW
  • A few more FIW miniatures from JamesP



  1. Welcome back to the daily grind, but chin-up: It's Friday! Enjoy your day of it.

  2. Shhh, I don't have to do military or work today! Perhaps I can work on minis providing the honey-do list isn't extravagant!
    Have a good day, Phil! ;)

  3. its definitly TFI... Friday!

  4. I've got that Friday feeling ! Unfortunately I haven't as I worked a night shift last night and I am again tonight, as you can tell with me typing this I'm not asleep and I should be !


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