Monday, 13 March 2017

AdamC- 18th Century Imagination troops and Officer (58 points)

First is another Draconian unit, the Haydenberg regiment.  This Regiment is named for a long time pillar of the reenacting community here in New England.  Jim Hayden was(sadly Jim Passed last fall) a member of the 2nd New Hampshire regiment.  Jim was also a  follower of my blog and facebook and I decided he would enjoy having a namesake regiment.
Flag's and uniforms are inspired by the 2nd New Hampshire.  The regiment wore blue faced white, I went with a lighter blue bu the pattern is similar.  The flag matches the colors and the interwoven rings emblem on the flag the union of the flag is my own invention.
Rear view of the regiment I think these guys will stand out on the table.  There are 16 miniatures in this regiment
Next up is the Regiment Dixon of the Grand Duchy of D'Argent.  The regiment repents something of an experiment.  The Duchy has a number of irregular units composed of the hearty mountain folk of its boarder regions.
Colonel Dixon a Scottish exile with a knack for the rough and trouble of la petite guerre has raise a regular regiment from among these independent and often undisciplined folk.
The hope is that the Scottish officer will be able to forge a unit that will be as capable in the battle line as it is at scouting and skirmishing.
I foolishly entered the Seven Years War side duel and have gotten my self rightly trounced!
The cost of that is a command stand.  I have there for created an observer form the Grand Duchy of D'Argent who will shortly be dispatched to the winner.
All Figures are 15mm The Haydenburg Regiment has 16 figures for 34 points with the hand painted flags.  Regiment Dixon has 10 Figures for another 20 Points and the officer is 4 Points. That should give me another 58 Points(for both the challenge proper and the side duel, got to keep it respectable)  as we plunge into the sprint for the finish.

MilesR: I'm really liking these imagination 15mm regiments - it's got the fun of painting historical's with our being burdened by specific uniform guides - whats not to love!


  1. Thank You it's very enjoyable to create regiments that could have been.

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you like as you are the odds on favorite to get that officer.

  3. Loving your Imagination. top work

  4. That's a nice shade of blue you've usef.

  5. Nice work Adam. As others have said, I too have really been getting a kick out of these Imagination units. Well done.

  6. Nice Imagination troops Adam. I've also been enjoying these posts.

  7. I have really enjoyed your SYW Imaginations project.

  8. Very nice, Adam, I'd love to see a group shot!

  9. Those are some very nice 15's, Adam! The color selection is very nice, and tricorns bring a touch of class to what would be a vulgar brawl! ;)