Monday, 13 March 2017

Monday Thumbs Up!

Monday gets yet another celebrity endorsement, further proving its dominance over the other days of the week.  I think we can all be inspired from the approval of our beloved 600 foot tall painting mascot.

What's on tap for this Majestic Monday?

Whats up?

- Tiny tiny LRDG and SAS jeeps

- Star War fighters

- First Nations Warriors

- Russian Civil War Calvary

- A VSF Landing Party

- Spanish Dragoons

- Lancers and an over burdened Camel

- and two or three more posts that are still marked "draft" as of this morning.  Yeah "draft" as in draft beer so you know they're going to be good.  There are even rumors on Facebook that DaveD has found a temporary painting refuge - anything is possible now.

It's a virtual kaleidoscope of colors, scales and subjects - something for everyone, even that noisome Antipodean Tuesday crew.

After the spectacle of this Monday, one wonders if the other days of the week will even bother to show up?

And with this post, I will turn in my "Monday Minion Badge" to Curt as he'll be taking us into the finish line starting the end of this week.  While my humor may be, ummm, "odd", I've enjoyed being a minion and want to thank the Monday crew for putting up with me.  It's been a pleasure reporting on your fantastic submissions - I stand in awe of all of your creativity.

As for the Challengers who are part of the other days of the week, I am sure I speak for all the Mondayiers, when a I say "Don't hate us because we are beautiful".  Bonus points and a honorary membership in the "Monday Fan Club" if you can name the ad campaign that phrase is lifted from - without Google, if you please.

Ok I need to go finish a few projects and start stretching for the mathematical logic extensions I'lll need for the wrap up statistical post.



  1. You've done a marvellous job of minioning the Monday Bomber Group :)

    I'll see if I can get something painted up this evening for submission today - it will be the only Monday I've missed if I don't (well, there was that week when I didn't quite submit before the early deadline when you were forced screaming and kicking to attend business meetings in the Turks, but that just meant two submissions the following Monday).

    1. Don't worry about painting something new - just put some stuff you posted a few weeks ago up - no-one will notice. I do it all the time, in fact I've only painted 10 figures this whole challenge.

      Wait! Is this mike on?.....

  2. Thanks for all your hard work marshalling the Monday Crew. You've done a splendid job with all the mathimacation n stuff.

  3. Its been fun being part of Monday crew my entry is ready to go... though a nice draft sounds good on a Monday morning.

  4. Top work. All good minions deserve "BANANA". Cheers for a great winter

  5. way to go team monday - "it aint over till fat lady sings as they say!"

    yes its all vile rumours - fake news on facebook again!

  6. I am very grateful to you, great master, for your work "the lord of Monday." Last year my curator was Greg and he was like an old friend. You were a strict teacher for me, and every time I made a message, it seemed to me that I was at school again and carrying an essay for verification.This was spectacular!

  7. It's looking to be a great final Monday. Well done Miles and the Monday Mob! Bravo!

  8. Thanks Miles it's been emotional and I will now have a Monday shaped hole in my life!

    Nothing from me today but I'll be sure to trouble Curt over the weekend :)

  9. Well done Miles. Give Godzilla a pat for me.