Thursday, 2 March 2017

From AaronH - 1 1/2 RPG figures from Reaper(8 points)

This is a small entry. One full size figure and a cat.

This is Sybil, Templar-Cleric of Rosmerta. Rosmerta is a peaceful goddess, hearth and home sort of thing. There are very few Templars in the church and they are looked down on by the majority of the more peaceful priests. They are extremely valued by the church hierarchy however.

Sybil is a young priestess and is bothered by both the disdain of her co-religionists and the things she has seen and done in the service of her goddess. She is fearless and skilled in battle and her party members value the hell out of her.

Sybil is a Bones model. The face detail, as usual, is non-freaking-existent. Seriously. Everything you see there is paint. The rest of the model is very nice though. The armor especially has some really nice details in it.

I settled on the Carthaginian symbol for Rosmerta as it seemed appropriate, and is easy to paint.

It's a cat. One of the players just got a familiar.

Perhaps that little cough was the sputtering of  Aarons B-17's...not a huge carpet bombing, but a tidy eclectic one! Maybe if we chant for a moment Aaron can kick them out for a final mission of the day! ;)
I do have a love/hate relationship with the Bones line. I love the price and variety, but do dislike the soft spots and fighting the inital color layers! The cleric is probably the most undervalued party member and Paladins are often overlooked as mere tanks. Both are capable fighters, incredible foes of undead, and capable healers the later which every party needs! ;)
The colors you've chosen are very fine for this servant of  Rosmerta. I really like the yellow cloak The addition of her god's symbol on her shield should put those liches on notice too!
The little familar is very deftly done and is a great little model. It will be interesting to see how the party uses it.
Although her features are soft, you did a nice job of  painting the templar up. She is very  eligable for Lady Sarah's coveted award so I put the tag up so your templar won't escape notice! Very fine work,Aaron!
since I'm infantry and  I still own all my toes and fingers, I'm calling this 8 points....fractions are only good for eating pies anyway! ;)


  1. Lovely work I really like the cat!
    Best Iain

  2. More entries for Sarah's Choice. Excellent! Love that cat mini.

    1. Thanks Curt. The player was quite pleased when I put in on the table last night.

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers Sander. I see great deeds in its future.

  4. Nice colours and shield- I do want to see the ongoing adventures of the cat!

    1. If the cat does anything notable I will post them on my blog. I am now informed that the cat's name is Franklin.