Thursday, 2 March 2017

From AaronH, 6mm Sci-Fi(25 points)

I recently decided to try out 6mm Sci-Fi. I got some deals on eBay for some epic 40k models, but didn't care all that much for the rules. I threw together some two page Battletech light rules that my son and I can play together and off we went.

This batch is ten space Marine models of various sorts. Or perhaps eight SM models and two of another provenance.

Two missile launchers. The missiles are actually olive drab. Its a sunny day and the light is less than optimal.

Side views. I have six more of these to repaint.

Predator. this is a very busy model and did not photograph well at all. So basically a toddler.

Last up is six rhinos.

Rhys likes the game and the models, and the price is right, so this one is a win.

The drone of miniature B-17's continues.... Nice work on these, Aaron. The photography has altered the colors a bit, but I can easily see your paints were kept thin enough to not obscure the details on these tiny tanks. Epic is a very fun game and I only regret I did not pick up or complete any force. The models GW made for the game were packed with detail and the vehicles most of all were superior sculpts to their 28mm counterparts. I also like these were grabbed for a homebrew game with your son. I snatched a score of super hero models to game with my kids and I regret none of it at all as those silly superhero games were all the better for who I was spending time with. 10 small tanks fetch 20 points in the challenge, but the Minion of Thursday is a softie so I'll pip it up to a quarter as these are for dad and son time! ;)


  1. Nice work on these teeny tiny tanks. I like the ones with the missile launchers.

    1. Thanks Peter. I like them as well. I'll have to figure out what they actually are.

  2. Nice work in the tiny tanks Aaron :)

  3. Great Battletech proxies Aaron!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Barks. These are the ones that don't cost an arm and a leg on eBay.