Saturday, 4 March 2017

Saturdays Minion... DaveD

Our dear SnowLord has his feet up again.... is busy sorting out the final bonus round entries and has handed the reins over to me!!  So all you weekend loafers..time for you lot to be properly minioned! after I have tidied up the mess by PeterD... AGAIN...

We are reaching the final straights people...

Things might be a little haphazard in posting times throughout the day  as yours truly is involved in running a "small" outing for my Sudan game at the Hammerhead show in Newark on Trent today ( I will up date the points roster toward the end of the day) - I have some past challenge participants roped in to the game - and I just found space in the car for yet another box of Fuzzy Wuzzies,,, it should be fun.

I may even tempt you with battle report update!

So while I get things sorted in the meantime lets rock the weekend!


  1. Minioning while running a game at a show? That's what I call multi-tasking!

    Have a good day keeping the Saturday Shower in order :)

  2. Have a great day of it Dave! Let me know if you need some relief for ammo and victuals.

  3. Impressive balancing act there Dave - and great to see some Aussie rock too!