Monday, 25 December 2017

From PeteF: Ghar Battle Suit - Result of Butt Purchase (10 Points)

Earlier this year I was tracking 28mm starter armies on EBay and one morning woke up to an e-mail saying that my Ghar Starter army was on its way from Noble Knight Games. I had somehow butt purchased this rather than one of the Black Powder armies that I'd been tracking. What with shipping and everything I decided to keep the Ghar, thinking they'd be fun to paint. This is my first attempt - I decided to give it to my boy for Christmas and used his soccer shirt for inspiration.

The Ghar in Battle suits look angry - as do the ones out of battle suits (might get some of these done later in the Challenge). They remind me of a cross between the unstoppable robot in Hardware and the bad guys in Terminator. 

I ended up adding to my Beyond The Gates of Antares  Ghar and getting the rules thanks to being unable to resist some bargains on E-Bay. In the Antares rules these guys are a lot easier to kill than Terminators (or the aforementioned unrelenting killer droid). This is the view of the rear and side. There are these energy dot areas that I've tried to make look shiny. 

I might be asking for an airbrush for my birthday as I think that might help give future Ghar a smoother parade ground appearance. This one ended up more in campaign dress. I think my next Ghar are going to be either metallic (a bit rusty?) or Star Wars Imperial.

For the base I used some moss harvested from my yard - painted blue for whatever planet the Ghar are conquering and stuck with tiny sponge flowers.

Antares figures are 28mm but a Ghar battle suit stands 40mm high - so 7pts?


Cool looking mini Pete! I have no idea of the term 'butt purchase' and am afraid of Googling it with company around - something for later. :0)

Your lifting of the colour scheme from your soccer jersey was inspired - it looks great in a sci-fi setting. I also like your alien groundwork, with its blue foliage. Obviously the Ghar are bringing the Smurf home planet into Imperial Compliance. Little, uppity blue gits, serves them right. ;) 

Let's call him the equivalent of a 28mm cavalry figure, so 10 points for you. Nice one, Pete!


  1. Nice! A great vibrant orange and the basing is very cool indeed.

  2. Nicely done! I‘m still undecided if I actually like GoA or not, but seeing your work makes me actually want to give it a chance.

  3. The Ghar clearly subscribe to the notion that camo is for sissies!
    ; )
    That's a formidable-looking piece of hardware, and the basing is top notch. Nice work, Pete!

  4. No problem finding that guy! Nice work and I like the link to your sons team. Butt buying!

  5. Bright colours for the win! I think I might have a box of those things lying around my basement somewhere...very cool looking model, love the colours.

  6. excellent work, excellent color scheme and design of the base

  7. If you're going to forego camo, might as well do it properly! Very nice work indeed.

  8. Excellent colours- they look like they have something to do with the District 9 crusties.

  9. Very sharp machine! I really like the bold vibrant colors on it!

  10. Grand idea fir fir scheme, and nicely done too

  11. Very nice colourscheme and great basing as well!

  12. Nice metal monster, like your moss too!
    Best Iain