Wednesday, 17 January 2018

From DaveD: 6mm Soviet Helicopters & Hedgerows (25 Points)

Well after being well and truly floored by a bout of the  "Aussies Flu" that is doing the rounds in the UK  (I suspect all Millsy's doing no doubt) - i am back in production.

Myself and fellow challengers JamesM and MartinC are about to make the Cold War go Hot with our first Team Yankee game this weekend. You have seen my armoured forces last year and the infantry so far this year. I stuck in a an order pre Xmas for some Hind gunships from Heroics and Ros(as i could not find the ones that have been maturing in the lead pile )  and they turned up with enough time to spare before the game.  So here they are.

They have had magnets inserted into the main body to attach them to flight stands. I have made two kind of flight stands both individual and multiple.

6 Hinds - ready to make the Tommies pay!

Comrade Docovich - ready to take on the Capitalist wastrels.- and find some Beatles records!

I also completed some additional hedgerow terrain pieces , made from coffee stirrers and clump foliage , all stuck together with my trusty hot glue gun. 

18 feet of hedgerows added

stacked up in 6x6 , it fill about a quarter so 5 points I reckon.

oh and here is a picture of the game!

Smash the capitalists! 

 Artist : Nena

Song - 99 Red Balloons

From Ray

Welcome back to the Challenge Comrade Docovich! Its about time too! This damn Aussie Flu has knocked me for 6 as well. Although it hasn't really affected my limited painting time, unlike you! Usually you'd be top 5 with 500+ points by now. 
So the question on everyone's lips is, "Can he recover his lost Flu time and get a top 5 finish?"
I have faith in you Comrade!

Great idea using 6mm figures for this project, you get a whole lot more for your money, that's if your eye's last out until the Spring! 
I do like the way you've based them up Comrade, love the see through stick thingy's, what are they and where do you get them from?
And thank you for painting up those luvverly hedgerows, they're a bit of a headache to add the points up for!
I've had a chat with the bosses and we've agreed to award your hedgerows 10 points not the 5 you suggested.
I'm also gonna go out on a limb and add an extra 3 points for the basing of the helicopters. They're that cool!
So you've a grand total of 25 points!


  1. Great stuff the Hind one of those so ugly its almost sexy vehicles. These look great.

  2. Excellent quality minioning there Ray...

    The flight stands are the type used in Wings of Glory ...

    I glued one to base. Then glued a magnet to one to take the helicopter or plane as required , which have a magnet inserted. You can use various pegs to vary the height , each is a about 10mm ...

  3. Great looking Hinds Dave! And the game looks amazing as well. 6mm just makes the whole thing look so much better in Modern games compared to larger scales. The ranges start to at least make some sense and it doesn't look like a close range brawl all the time.

  4. Nice work my friend hope to see much more as you get stuck into it, hope you're felling much better

  5. Nice choppers and hedges Dave :)

  6. Those hands are very well done, Dave! Excellent work on the table dressing too!

  7. Great looking hinds and hedges!
    Best Iain

  8. Great looking pic of you - that jutting chin says 'Hero of the Soviet Union' to me. :) Beautiful bunch of Hinds, Dave. I really like the trio of them on your mulit-base - that would be a sobering sight coming over the horizon...

  9. Great work Dave! Those Hinds are just superb.

  10. They look great! I want some!