Wednesday, 17 January 2018

From TomM: From London to Shangai (58 pts)

Well, a bit of a mixed lot for this weeks entry, as I did some work on a project I had put aside for this challenge... as well as one that probably will be in boxes stored until challenge 9 should I manage to seduce me a spot then.

So let's travel the world!

The first batch of the entry are more 10mm ECW from the Lancer Miniatures range, this time in the form of a complete infantry regiment.  Mixed pike & shotte, the regiment is supported by a demi-culverin for some extra deterrent towards any opposing forces.

I really like Kieran`s sculpts, and think this was one of those "gems" sometimes hidden on Kickstarter.  With more and more big companies using Kickstarter as their pre-order platform, there are those small operation on it as well which at times churn out lovely figures for a good price, or even some oddities that you just want to have.

The pikes themselves are metal rods, and I can say first hand they hurt like hell when you accidentally put your hand on them...

The second part of my entry is this 28mm Chariot from the Shang-Zhao range of Curteys Miniatures (seems like the first time one gets posted, I just had to add the tag X-D ), now under 1st Corps banner.  I think I bought this almost 12 years ago or so, and I don`t actually know why anymore, probably some fantasy project or such.

But as we get older, our interests start shifting, and I bit the bullet that I will be building a Shang dynasty force for Mortem et Gloriam (well, if their Chinese army lists re-appear on the site, then I know what to order because while they are in the index, the actual lists aren't in the pdf's) and try and introduce those rules over at my club.

I really like the facial expression on the charioteer to be honest, he has that whole "umpf, you posh dandy" look next to the noble...

So points-wise, if I counted correctly, this should mean for this week:

31 infantry models in 10mm (12 pike, 16 shot, 3 crew) @ 1 point each
1 crew handled cannon in 10mm @ 2 points
1 vehicle in scale 28mm @ 15 points
& 2 28mm crew @10 points

This should further add a nice 58 points towards my challenge goal... and keep me on schedule.

Thanks for watching!

From Ray

Another great entry Tom. Its great to see some historical figures from you. I do like the 10mm ECW figures, they look excellent and the pikes do look very sharp, I'm sure I can see blood on the top of a few???
I've never bought any Curteys Minis before, they too look really nice figures, shame it took 12 years to get the chariot painted though. Every gamer has a few of those older hidden gems locked away in a box somewhere!!
I've changed your version of points, you forgot to add the 2 crew on the chariot, so your total is 58!!


  1. Nice work, Tom! A touch dark in the photographs, but the chariot looks really nice. I'd like to see more Chinese troops. I like the ECW the best with the troops arrayed for battle and matching cannon. The red looks really nice on them!

  2. Those are great looking 10mms Tom. My eyes are too old for scale but I like your results. And who doesn't love a posh dandy in a chariot.

  3. I'm the same as Peter my eyes are not good enough for 10mm but you've done a real nice job

  4. Nice ecw types, good to get some figures painted after a mere 12 years, I've got some that have been waiting 40 years!
    Best Iain

  5. Great work Tom! I really like that ECW regiment. Though they can be quite a pain (literally), I really like the use of separate wire for pikes instead of the spaghetti weapons you often get with cast-on designs.