Wednesday, 21 February 2018

From AdamC - Tea Party and a Big Old Bear (29 points)

These Eureka Miniatures were part from the same set as the Musicians  so I decided to use the same carpet pattern on the base.

Here we have courtly gentleman in livery or perhaps a uniform.  Clearly he's looking down his nose at something... the band, the crying baby something!

Perhaps his rotund companion just belched or farted... I like this figure because you rarely see fat miniatures that don't look like a joke. This fellow is clearly a wealthy man who takes himself seriously even if others might not.

The last of those enjoying tea is the lady with her baby.  The baby looks like she might be crying but the calm look on mom's face says she's probably just babbling happily.

I wanted to create an effect with the lady's dress that I have seen with real life dresses based on the period.  The dress is one color but has metallic color woven in that catches the light.  I went with pink and gold.  I'm very pleased with the results and glad I put in a second layer of gold dry brushing on the raised parts since it really made the effect stand out in the pictures.

Last we have the serving girl she has a bare plate so I guess she is clearing a table.

I wanted to make her colors bright but not flashy so she could be serving in a tavern or a noble house (thought probably not on formal occasion)

The second of two tables with a cup on it.  This piece should work well as an extra bit of terrain. Now for something compliantly different.

This is the Werebear form the Bones III.  I love this miniature... its size and its double bite axe say Grizzly bear but its face says Teddy beer.  I like his rope necklace with  feathers and beads (one blue one gold).

Clearly this fellow is more modest than the Boar or even than the ape.

I think this figure would make a great Beorn (though he might be a little to friendly looking) if one was doing a Battle of Five Armies game. The Wearbear is about 40mm so 7 points while the tea party and serving girl are 25mm for another 20 points.  I'll suggest another 3 points for the tables, chairs etc. to make a nice round 30 points but that is of course up to the minion

From Ray

Crackin' work Adam. I think this is my fav from you so far this Challenge. I really like the 3 characters sitting at the table. Love the colours used and the excellent eye watering carpet! The big chap looks a right miserable old sod. I wonder if he's Irish (Another Fran reference, wonder if he'll see it?)
As for the points 27 for the figures and 2 for the tables and chairs. Making a total of 29 points.


  1. 29 points is fair though not as nicely round as 30 😉. He could be Irish though if he is he's probably English or Scotts Irish... This is the 18th century and fat Irishmen were pretty rare in those days.

  2. Nice tea party and the bear is great!
    Best Iain

  3. This is super cool Adam - from a characterful scene with tea, a fat dude who might have farted, and a baby - straight to a about a diverse assortment!

    Well done!

  4. Just wonderful. I love the Persian carpet effect, and the whole collection of miniatures. Lovely work on Mi'Lady's dress.....looks just as if she'd stepped out of a Hogarth painting. Great work, Sir!

  5. The rug really ties the scene together...