Wednesday, 28 February 2018

From JamesM: (Yet!) More Terrain 50 points

Hi folks,

Target achieved for this challenge, and while I'll still be working on models through March, the foot is off the pedal a little bit!

Last week, I was prepping for a big game I was putting on for the lads at the club. You can read about the game here. As part of that prep, I was finishing off some terrain. I did paint one figure, but he was a tank commander I hadn't mounted in one of my Churchills... I've not included him as he would be worth half a 15mm figure!

Instead, I have some tree's, buildings and orchards:

The buildings I've included two pictures of. The first picture is the parts together, the second is to show that I cut the models in half before assembling and painting them. This allows me to put extensions on my other MDF buildings, changing the shapes slightly and increasing their footprint on the table. And, if not required, I can place them together and they will pass as outbuildings.

Orchards are small fruit trees from Ebay, which I mounted on some longer strip bases I had spare. The smaller individual and clumped trees are from Busch (ha!) and will do for both my 15mm and my 6mm models.

I'll let Ray come up with numbers (ha!) *Groooaaann! - I would suggest the smaller 15mm buildings would count for 7 or 8 each (if a full sized building is worth 15).

Sorry Ray - potentially the last terrain of the challenge for me though!

From Ray

Sigh, lucky I took some Paracetamol before opening your post James. Well it all looks excellent, love the Orchard, I'm sure you'll get a lot of use on the battlefield with these. The building look cool as well.
Hhmm? The points, I would guess by the pics that all this terrain would fill 2.5 6x6x6 boxes, which gives you a round 50 points


  1. Nice terrain work James. I really like those orchards - I have orange trees that I use for colour when I game El Cid or Italian wars.

  2. Very nice looking terrain James. I could do with a stroll in a sun-dappled orchard right about now...

  3. Lovely bit of terrain there James!

  4. Nice terrain, love the Orchard!
    Best Iain

  5. You can never have too much greenery!