Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Votes are in for the 'Childhood' Bonus Theme Round

Hello Everybody!

Our fourth bonus theme round is complete! We had 31 participants submitting entries providing their various interpretations of the 'Childhood' theme. Below are the results of the voting. 


The Runners Up Are:

SidneyR's 'Ada The Goose Girl of Laarden'

EvanH's 'Mouslings for my Munchkins'

AnthonyO's 'The Magician's Apprentice'


The podium finishers are:

Third Place: MichaelA's 'Would You Like A Jelly Baby?'


Michael will receive another 25 points in recognition for his brilliant Dr. Who submission this round (and his uncanny skill in creating a horrifically realistic rendition of 1970s carpet). Wonderful work Michael and congratulations!

Second Place: ByronM's 'Alice in Wonderland'


Byron will receive another 50 points to add to his total. This vignette will be a wonderful addition to your wife's steampunk collection! Stunning work.


And in First Place: 

SanderS' 'I love it when a plan comes together!'


Absolutely superb entry Sander! You hit it out of the park in capturing the spirit of the 'Childhood' theme. For claiming top spot on the podium Mr. van Staeten will receive another 75 points and a gift voucher from our pal Steve over at Arcane Scenery . Congratulations Sander!


Again, a BIG round of applause to all the participants of the round for their excellent efforts illustrating the theme. Terrific work folks! 

Finally, please remember that next Saturday at midnight (March 3rd) is the submission deadline for our last Bonus Round Theme: 'Monstrous', so delve into the nightmare places of your imagination and show us what you've got!


  1. Well done one and al, but particularly Sander with a superb entry that had me humming theme tunes for days!

  2. Fantastic work, everyone and congratulations to the winners!!!

  3. Great work everyone - congratulations!

  4. Well done everyone, I thought it was a particularly good bonus round!
    Best Iain

  5. What a fun theme round and great childhood memories ( and theme music)
    Well done!

  6. Congratulations the winners - well deserved for sheer nostalgia, Sander

  7. Congratulations to the winners, well done!

  8. A lot of great entries this round, great work everyone! I am with a lot of others here that where humming the scooby doo theme song all week after seeing Sanders great entry.

  9. Oh my, I am humbled by this... I really did not expect to win this Theme Round at all with so many superb entries. So a great and sincere thank you to everyone who voted for me and also a very big congrats to the other contestants. I will try to use the gift certificate for the School-club and will let you know what I get for it.

  10. Awesome. Great submissions from all over the place. Well done everyone and congrats to all the place getters. cheers all.