Wednesday, 7 March 2018

From AdamC - A small collection of Bones (20 points)

This week I present a mixed collection of Bones figures worked on as I was doing other projects (as described last week) 

First up we have the Kung Fu Girl.  The yellow colour was selected when too much spilled out of the bottle. That said I am very happy with the look. 

 The colour combination reminds me of Bruce Lee's yellow and black jump suit in Enter the Dragon.

Next we have a Norse inspired warrior .  The gear and outfit are surprisingly good and I have given serious thought to hacking off those horns and using him for saga.  I might use him for Saga any way. 

There are lots of little rune details on the hem of the tunic that look great but didn't photograph too well. 

 Two of Wild West Dorothy's companions the "Tin" Man and the "Lion"  I did the tin man in metallic colours a great metallic blue, copper, bronze silver and black. I wanted to make it look like he had been repaid over time with parts that didn't quite match the original design.  The Lion is a great looking figure He's got a bit of Hell Boy look with his gauntlet and I added the big knife from one of the Bones weapons spruce because I felt the character need something.  He looked to confident for a Cowardly Lion.  Now he looks like he's an over compensating Lion.

 Both of these guys painted up great and I should get use out of the Tin Man in Frostgrave as a golem and the Lion will be great for wild west, Steampunk and Victorian Science Fiction. These guys should add another 20 points to the pile


Love the Karate girl, i thought shes like The Bride (Uma) from Kill Bill in that yellow! Nice Viking and a very nice chopper, that sure is a big one!!!
Snazzy painting on the Tin Man, I like the metallic blue you used. I used to have a bike that colour many moons ago. I spayed it myself Hawaiian Blue it was called!! 

20 Points!!!!


  1. Never seen Kill Bill. I'm very happy with the Tin Man. Thank you

  2. An eclectic assortment! Very nice work, Adam!

  3. Nice work Adam, I sure do not want to face that beast with the horns in a game of SAGA, you are going to have to cut them off...............

  4. Lovely mixed bag, the tin man is my favourite!
    Best Iain

  5. Nice work Adam, even if Ray did kill my post for this week by copying over your post on top of it. No I'm not bitter.....

  6. Yellow is a great Kung-fu colour. SAGA needs more horns, go for it!