Friday, 23 March 2018

From DaveD - Crashed and burned.. well maybe just smouldering...

Well where did Challenge VIII go eh. This is my 7th foray - and i enjoyed the usual whit and repartee plus following along some fine work by fellow challengers. Running the paint & chats was fun as ever - Kent you are such a paint machine...! lets see you on them through the year dude. Paul O 'G - I am just jealous...

As for me, it  was perhaps not as fruitful this year as I had initially hoped due to losing pretty much the first 5 weeks due to illness - I really don't want to see that flu strain again thank you very much! With too much gone it was just not going to be possible to play catch up on my initial target this year given the units i wanted to do . I decided to go off list and play with some side projects...

The projects - various!
the 6mm Modern Soviet force has been completed - Martin C is just loving the Hind Squadrons...

6mm moderns  and 15mm WW2
JamesM is to blame for the foray into 15mm WW2 - which has come from left field - I am really enjoying it - and it is in real danger of getting out of hand... Mrs D says - what more parcels... again... 

Key units for the Sudan were though completed - the Cameron Highlanders - a unit that was in all honesty bloody hard work, Plus the Egyptian Camel Corps.

The extras for the baggage - that has been added to Challenge 4-5-6 and 7 output - the "Biggest Ever Sudan Game" is planned for the summer.. a 24x12 table with the 3000 figures on it..

I enjoyed a madcap challenge with Sander and Arthur in relation to Camels... Arthur was the star! 

Private Millsy and Doc off into the Foreign Legion Sunset - Boxers Millsy?
I enjoyed the addition of terrain items which helped with the 6mm project big time. JamesM, MartinC and I got a few games in over the period too .

So  - some things will be held over to challenge 9... - it wont be long people...

do svidaniya from Comrade Docovich - apologies of course  to Alex..


Martin , James and I are giving my Old West game a run out at the re-scheduled Hammerhead show on the 28th April in Newark Upon Trent - so if your are going pop by and say hello - and give "Budgie Ray" his just rewards..


And a final word of thanks to Ray and the cast of our erst well minions - good job guys ...

Curt and the fine Lady Sarah  - thanks - until next time! 


  1. Brilliant work Dave! I thought you recovered quite admirably. The fact that you still finished 11th in the points standings after been struck low for five weeks is amazing. Until next year my friend!

  2. The Central Committee approves, Comrade Dokovich; you have displayed admirable dedication to the revolutionary cause!

    You pulled it out of the fire superbly, nice one, mate!

  3. I’m looking forward to your mega Sudan game- make sure there is a designated photographer!

  4. Wow, quantity and quality. Your output is amazing considering the health issues you had to contend with. Well done mate.

  5. It was a great experience to follow your progress throughout the challenge Dave! You may not have reached your target, but that doesn't diminish your achievements by one inch. As LeeH put it: "Quantity and quality."

  6. It's been a weird one this year. WW2 here we come

  7. Given how much time you lost Dave it was still a stunning year!

  8. Crashed and burned? That’s a very respectable output Dave!

  9. With 5 weeks out that's a stunning effort, I was expecting you to come flying past me right to the end !

  10. Tremendous output, especially considering the amount of time off!
    Best Iain

  11. Great to hear Ol' Budgie coming to the rescue!!!
    A great body of work this year Dave, very well done!!

  12. Great stuff. Well done. Cheers

  13. The Camels are marching your way Lord D! Arthur and myself did enjoy it too. See you next time!