Friday, 23 March 2018

From MilesR: What I Did Done Paint for VIII

I'm really pleased with my productivity during Challenge VIII and set an all time high in points for myself.  Now I did take advantage of the inclusion of terrain - which generated about 1K points for me.

When I looked at the amassed output, the first thing that came to mind after the "oh crap where am I going to sore this stuff?" moment was 2 things I didn't paint.  There are no Napoleonics or Flames of War in this years output.

 Lets review what I did paint (from left to right) - a Sassanid army in 15mm, 2 regiments for my ACW collection and a whole bunch of German and Italian figures and vehicles for the North Africa campaign.

In the center we can see the Sassanid calvary and Roman army - I'm really please how my 15mm ancients came out and I suspect you'll see a lot more of them in future challenges.
Down the right side are some fantasy figures - 20 Ghost Archipelago crewman, 5 barbarians and 30+ sons of Anubis plus some treasure markers.  Also all the terrain sections were built during this challenge.
2 Pirate factions, complete with rides were also painted up
Some tree plates for Curt and...
Dungeon tiles which I'll likely give to a friend whose really into D&D.
 For some strange reason Curt demands photos of the participants, which in my case can cause distress to the viewer.  Here's my staged "Hollywood" glamour shot.  Notice I'm wearing a very stylish painting apron and, yes, it is a Jackson Pollock original painting.

 Here's a more realistic shot of yours truly - I'm usually in a befuddled state and this year a bit more than usual.

I haven't been that active with positing and comments with this years challenge as it's been a bit of a stressful year with a very busy professional agenda (which is good but tiring) and, more importantly, dealing with a serious illness with my son, Sean (uniformly bad).  Thankfully, Sean is a tough cookie and is on the mend but there were a few weeks in February that I would prefer not to relive.

The craft side of the miniature hobby has always been a great stress reliever for me and this year that aspect was especially important.  While my commenting was limited I am very grateful to all the Challenge participants whose entries and banter were very helpful to me over the past few months.

Thank you all very much.


  1. Nice glamour shot! That sounds bad, lovely terrain and figures but terrific sloops! I'm with you, an apron is just such a sensible thing!
    Best Iain

  2. You certainly did done well Miles!!

  3. Wonderful work mate. That apron looks 'well used'!

  4. Pass the mind bleach.. some things can not be unseen Miles.

    Great job this years, even more so in the face of real life

  5. Wow! What an amazing output of hobby wonderfulness. Brilliant work Miles. I love that last photo of you - an expression that I'm sure many of us carry from time to time. I hope Sean recovers soon and you can get back to enjoying your spring. Thanks again for all your help and good natured companionship.

  6. Miles, your productivity never ceases to amaze - even more astounding when it's all of such amazing quality. Picking Challengers' Choice entries has never been more difficult than this year!

  7. Outstanding stuff Miles! You've produced some real top drawer stuff over the last three months.

  8. Great stuff. Very productive despite likes trials. All the best for the future. cheers