Monday, 5 March 2018

From KyleC - Project from a workshop with Massive Voodoo (85 pts)

So the past weekend I had the chance to join another class with the legendary Roman Lappat of Massive Voodoo fame.

This was my 8th class with the maestro over the years and my second time along for a Basing class.  Focus here was post apocalypse base where nature has reclaimed the city. However since I was a repeater I could go a bit outside the lines and try something different.

For me while listening to his lecture and seeing his photos of his presentation there was one image of a parking garage that was light coming from above. I had already in my mind to do something that involved a box format and this really resonated with me and it grew from there.

Roman was great to support it and provided a better box to make this vision come true. He even provided me with the train which shifted my idea to be something like an abandoned subway station.

I loved the process and aside from finishing the models this weekend, and most of that was just touching up the figures. The majority of the scene was done within 3 days when in Germany.

You can see how it was build up here with layers of corkboard to give it some volume and structure. With the models getting placed to give it proper reading lines, and the subway car ( made of metal!!!! so difficult to cut! ) being placed to give it some weight and depth.

Sketching went fast and furious with the idea that they have just reached it from some overground passages that shed light due to the age of the subway areas. Also gave me some forced perspectives and light sources throughout the project which really helped out.

Final piece as it stands right now. I might go back to touch it up some, but this is where it sits for now with photos from my phone. At some point I will push it further I suspect.

And a final photo showing what happens when I put the light directly over the holes up top. It reinforces the colors and light spots I placed on the piece. Which is great to see some reinforcement of the techniques and planning that went into the diorama. 

Oh and I did try to make one of the guys look bad ass and pretty much like how I picture myself :D Even did a little bit of freehand work to get the rough shape of my Mr Lee's Minis logo on the shirt... didn't fully pull it off but its almost there. 

So although I haven't done a lot of batch painting near the end of this contest I have regained some of my painting mojo. Huge thanks to the Monday crew, Sidney for helping us out, and Curt for running it all. And of course the rest of the participants here with all the great pieces being shown and painted here!!! 

And a final rock out photo of me and Tobias from the class helping Roman hang photos from other classes throughout the years!

As always, no idea for points. I have 4 28mm figures there from Hasslefree so thats 20 pts, but not sure if the base might count as terrain then? As its pretty big :D But will let Sidney sweat the details again ;)


Now this is what I call "Living the Dream" !!  What a brilliant post, even before we start considering the wonderful diorama, Kyle!  'Massive Voodoo' and Roman have been such an incredible and inspirational influence for so many modelers and painters over the years.  They've been one of the stepping stones taking the hobby from being a craft to being an art, and to see you enjoying their hospitality and knowledge is just fantastic, Kyle!

I think all of us would love to experience a master-class like that at least once in our lives. So, well done, Sir, for leading the way, and providing such a stonking report of your visit (and fine photos of a goodly selection of hats).

Now, on to that diorama.... Yep, it's pretty special, isn't it!  You've graced this Challenge with some wonderful work this year, Kyle, but this is really of a different class.  I've loved the painted busts you've produced, but this is so much more complicated and subtle.

The use of perspective, and lighting sources, the arrangement of figures, the careful use of colour and the reinforcement of your central theme all shine through.  The box format has given you the opportunity to use your skills in a very innovative and creative way, and the result is both remarkable and memorable.

I really love it, and it's another of the many, many submissions all our fellow Challengers have produced this year which make me want to get back to my paints (...immediately....right now!...) and start painting.  And I can think of no higher praise than that for your amazing work.

OK, as for points... I'm going to say 40 terrain points for the diorama, 20 points for the figures and another 25 points for creating something unique and inspirational (both in your post and in the diorama).  Really a splendid piece of work, Kyle!  Well done, Sir!


  1. Cheers for that Sidney. I have been lucky as this was actually my 8th class so I am getting the hang of the workload that comes from a Massive Voodoo class. Plenty of laughs in it though, and although we were mostly strangers before the class we were quite close afterwards! It was also unique in that it was supposed to be many more people but due to reasons it was reduced to 4 and almost became a private coaching session for us all!

    Honestly cannot recommend them enough, and if/when he visits or makes a class that works for you.. JOIN! So much win from it regardless of level of talent or skill!

  2. Really terrific stuff, I am quite envious of your ability to attend and terrific result

  3. Lovely work on the figures and diorama Kyle :)

  4. Fantastic looking diorama and figures!
    Best Iain

  5. Whoah that's an impressive vignette! Definitely one of my favorites from the challenge!

  6. Great little vignette, a proper diorama indeed! Lovely bit of work there, Kyle!

  7. Wow - this is great Kyle. Go back for another workshop so that we can see more of this stuff.