Thursday, 22 March 2018

From LeeH - AHPC VIII Body of Work

This was my fourth Painting Challenge and this time around I set myself what I thought was an ambitious target of 1000 points, especially when painting 6mm figures. Well I blew my target out of the water and achieved a personal best that I never would have thought possible just a few months ago. My final tally came to 1307 points which I am very VERY pleased with. And here's a picture of everything that I completed during the Challenge.

LeeH body of Work  - AHPC VIII

Smashing my target! 

What we have here are mostly Baccus 6mm figures and the beginnings of two armies for the Anglo Zulu War of 1879. I say beginning because I reckon I'm less then half way through my Zulu's and I still have a lot of British units still to paint, and that's just so I can recreate the Battle of Isandlwana. Talking of which here's a quick picture of the battle with the forces I have completed so far. 

Isandlewana, January 1979

And a more detailed look at the British Units I completed over the last three months.

24th Foot Marching

24th Foot in Line

24th Foot in Skirmish

Artillery and Gatling Guns
Imperial Mounted Infantry

Bell Tents


Ox Waggons

All the British I have completed thus far

Not forgetting the Zulu Army... It looks like a lot but these represent just 14,000 warriors and there were somewhere in the region of 21,000 at the Battle of Isandlwana. I have a lot more Zulu's still to paint!

iNgobamakhosi Regiment

iMubbe and Isanqu




Zulu Commanders

Riflemen / Skirmishers

And the whole Impi as it stands right now

I always enjoy the Bonus rounds, even if the categories sometimes give me a headache. This year I was able to take part in all the Bonus rounds and here's what I came up with.






This just leaves the extra items I painted ans submitted as regular entries. Along with my bonus round entries these will go in my limited display space....I'm gonna need a proper display cabinet pretty soon.

Jingle Bells!


Looking Forward

I'm really happy with my output this year. My own target of 1000 points was a real challenge for me and one I thought I would struggle to achieve. I owe my success in no small part to a very understanding wife who has given me plenty of space to get on with my painting. Of course the payoff for her is that I have promised to get some home decorating done... so I'll be swapping my brushes for something a little larger in the next few weeks. The break from painting 6mm figures will no doubt give my eyesight a rest.

Once again a big thank you must go out to Curt for running this madness and to all the Minions who did a wonderful job keeping track of points and posts (yes, even you Ray). But I think the biggest thank you has to go out to all the other participants and the massive array of entries they have submitted. Its been inspirational and I'm humbled to be in such talented company. OK, time to start buying new stuff...see ya'll in 9 months! 


  1. Fantastic stuff Lee. You really hit it out of the park this year (love the chart) and I know your Zulu project was a favourite amongst many visitors. Well done!

  2. Awesome. Project Zulu as it unfolded was excellent. Well done to you this year. Excellent productivity and painting. cheers

  3. They’re really going to wash those spears... a great concerted effort!

  4. Brilliant output! I always look forward to project Z! I suppose that should be in the past tense but I've really enjoyed seeing it unfold unit by unit.
    Best Iain

  5. Wonderful work Lee - Look forward to seeing the Zulu's in action!

  6. Welldone Lee! Those wee men look fabulous.

  7. Zulus bloody thousands of em. Sorry it had to be said ! Well done Lee