Thursday, 22 March 2018

From JamesM: Challenge VIII lineup!

Hi folks,

My final round up for the challenge, which is a veritable array of 15mm artillery 'goodness' (with some 3mm sci fi thrown in):

I've not taken pictures of my terrain efforts, as that's all packed away. But Ray will no doubt attest that I completed a fair amount of terrain, which all went towards gracing this table (all my terrain) during the challenge, and which took a fair chunk of time out of my painting schedule to set up and run:

If you look closely you'll see trees that were based, rough ground/forest bases made, church walls painted, outbuildings painted and a couple of buildings and outbuildings converted and painted as well.

Final tally for the German guns (by calibre!) was:

4 x 15.5cm sFH 414(f) - French guns in German service
3 x 15cm Nebelwerfers (Heer)
3 x 15cm Nebelwerfers (SS)
4 x 10.5cm leFH 18 guns (Heer)
3 x Wespes (10.5cm guns)
4 x Luftwaffe 88's
2 x Heer 88's
2 x SS 88's
3 x 3.7cm AA guns
3 x Quad 2cm AA guns
4 x 2cm AA guns

For a total of 35 guns! Suffice to say I am now as sick of painting 15mm German artillery as you guys will be of seeing it! I think there must be close to 150 artillery crewmen with those guns as well. A lot of 'support slots' filled in, and a good start on my planned III Flak Corps force as well.

Thanks everyone for the positive comments throughout the challenge, and it's been a pleasure to see everyone else's work and to chat with people on the Painting Hangout - especially impressive to watch Kent motor through unit after unit in the time it took me to paint a couple of figures!

This was my second year in the challenge, and I set myself a higher target than last year and managed to significantly beat that, although I think entering every themed round helped that significantly. I had hoped to finish in the top 30, which I achieved. I was very very pleased to get an entry's for the themed rounds in the top 5 twice.

Cheers also to Ray, for getting all the stuff checked and posted, even when it was those annoying terrain entries! thanks to Curt, as ever, for running the show. No Curtgeld model from me this year, but I will be making a donation at the Hammerhead show to whichever veterans charity is in attendance.


  1. Awesome looking table and that's a shed load of artillery. Top stuff and well done. cheers

  2. A great challenge. Very cool stuff

  3. Loved your conveyer belt of German artillery all through the challenge!
    Best Iain

  4. 15mm first love! Very nice work mate, it was a please to watch these being posted. Looking forward to seeing your entries next year!

  5. Fantastic work James. Your concentration on German artillery would've made Blucher proud. Well done sir!

    1. I think I am going to need some Corps artillery for a Time on Tartget to deal with this lot!

  6. Even one 88 is intimidating... and you’ve got eight!

  7. That's a lot of guns, I will start digging in