Saturday, 3 March 2018

From TeemuL: Slambo (5 points)

After not winning the side duel, I have been slowing down. And still running out of prepped minis and hobby time. But as always, I managed to get something done on this week (in addition to the bonus round entry). Let me present mister Slambo to you.

Slambo has visited this challenge blog earlier this year, too, but he has just seems to like attention, so here's my interpretation of him. Although the two axes might hint to the Khorne, I decided to paint him Nurgle colors. Quite strangely, with the current rules of the Age of Sigmar, he can't take Mark of any Chaos god, he then fights for all of them - or no one. He is the one man army anyway.

He is a resin model from the Games Workshop. Sculpted and released last year, but based on the original Slambo miniature from the 80s. I really like those old plastic Chaos Warriors, so he fits nicely with them.

Painting was actually quite simple and fast, but looks very good - in my opinion. Especially the horns on the helmet are something I personally like.

He is a big taller than average 28mm miniatures, but I think 5 points is good for him.


What a beast Teemlu, you certainly wouldn't want to upset this chap in a bar!  Lovely use of colour, especially the blending on the horns.  Nicely done Sir. 


  1. There can never be enough Slambo! Really like the choice of green on your interpretation Teemu...

  2. Lovely work on this chaos Warrior!
    Best Iain

  3. Nice work Teemu, the gene works really well.

  4. A modern take on a classic!