Sunday, 25 March 2018

RayR - Group Shot

Hi All

My rather meager haul for this years Challenge. All 25mm figures from me this year apart from 2 figures. Here we have
11 x Horse ( 1 not in the pic)
39 x foot figures
1 x Wagon
10 x Pigs
12 x Geese
1 x Artillery Piece
6 x small terrain pieces
2 1/72 scale figures

With these figures a managed to get to the dizzy heights of 40th place, which is my lowest placing in the Challenge so far. Next year I'll be aiming for a top 20 place, which is gonna be some going as 20th place this year made 1220 points!!!!

Changing the Mrs hates that T-Shirt!

Last of the Mohicans

Flight Bonus Round

Donnybrook Horse

Mounted Civvies

BFG Bonus Round

Ollie Cromwell


Musician Bonus Round

Childhood Bonus Round

King Louis

French Grenadiers

Monstrous Bonus Round

All for One

Cardinal's Guard

A Wagon!

Cheers everyone!!


  1. And of course you were a find Minion. Loved your childhood entry .. my favourite

  2. Great work Ray and thank you for all your help this year - very much appreciated. I'm with Dave, your Afrika Korps guys rocked.

  3. I think the porkers were my favourite. Thanks for minioning!

  4. Excellent stuff. Well done this time round. cheers

  5. Nicely done the T Shirt!

  6. Great work and thianks for your handling of the Wednesday crew!

  7. It's difficult but the Donnybrook horse are my favourites, closely followed by the airfix Germans!
    Best Iain

  8. Well done Ray. Plus it sounds like you blew away the group with your IT capabilities...

    Love the shirt!

  9. Excellent contender and even better minion. Great painting work despite what you says

  10. Another great Challenge Ray - my favorite where the Musketeers and Cardinals Guard. The spreadsheet seemed to weather your, ummm, stress testing very well.

  11. Love you to bits you ole badger! See ya next time!

  12. Cheers everyone!!!
    It was an experience! Stress......what stress?!?!?!