Wednesday, 21 March 2018

From RichardC: We're putting the Band back together (225 Points)

We’re putting the Band back together.

Now those film buffs amongst you will recognise the quotation from the wonderful Blues Borthers – to me, the blues not only means a host of wonderful guitarists, but also the Grande Armee.

For the Musician bonus round, I painted up 8 Imperial Guard Grenadier drummers and their Drum Master – for my last submission to the Challenge, I present the rest of the band.

The scene was inspired by the painting of the revue at the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel by Bellange. Not only could I have the Band, but also include some of the French Top Brass.

Led by Drum Major Jean Nicolas Senot (1761-1837) (- a smashing miniature by the way), the band, together with a Sappers formed the Tete de Colonne.  

Playing a variety of instruments including the bassoon, hautbois, cymbals, jingling johnny, flute, serpent and (that most martial of instruments), the triangle, they provided the accompaniment for the great parades of the First Empire. 

The band, sappers and Senot are, like the drummers, from warlord. These are really nice characterful figures, and pretty east to assemble (although the bassoon was a bit dodgy). My only quibble was with the two cymbal players. All my reference material (Rousselot, Bucquoy, Joineau, Osprey et al portray the black musicians in an oriental style uniform. Warlord has them garbed in identical style to the rest of the band.

The high command are a mix of Front Rank and Perry figures, and include the Emperor, Berthier, Lannes (in the red uniform of Colonel General of Swiss troops), Nansouty and an ADC. I also included Bessieres, painted earlier in the Challenge. Sadly, Gringo40s Murat didn't quite get finished.

The Arc is a Sarissa Precision MDF kit, and those eagle eyed (and old enough) can spot the quadriga from the Airfix HO Romans set (the figure with it is from the Atlantic gladiators set).

There are 8 sappers; 21 bandsmen, 1 drum major, 1 conductor, 6 mounted figures.  

Warlord, Front Rank, Perry, Sarissa

Sadly, this attempt at a points bomb arrived 30 minutes after the deadline. Still, it was fun to do. I didn't even get the chance to base it properly.

Hopefully, next year, real life (and hospital) won't interfere too much.




Sorry Richard, I'll let you in after closing, but I'm just too tired to write anything right now. I'll catch you up in the comments later. :)



  1. Well done Richard, you did it! A spectacular effort effort Sir.

  2. There's music in this post, very well done Richard!

  3. Great work on the band and the scenery!

  4. Okay, I'm awake now. :) Well, anything with a 'jingling johnny' in it get's my full endorsement. I love seeing these ancillary units from the First Empire. Wonderful work Richard.