Saturday, 5 January 2019

From MilesR: M4 76mm Sherman "What-a-Tanker" (20 Points)

My "What-a-Tanker" inspired submission is a 76mm M4 Sherman tank in 28mm scale - it's a simple model but I think looks very good.

 The model is produced by Rubicon who have become my number 1 choice for 28mm scale vehicles.  I enjoy both putting the kits together and painting them up.  For some reason, I always prefer plastic over metal or resin.  Perhaps it's my misspent youth as a 1/35th scale model builder.
 One of the great things about a Rubicon kit is they usually come with a lot of options - this kit came with two different turrets and 3 gun options.
Basic olive drab coloring and my secrete "mud" mixture.  This one should net me 20 points.


A lovely Sherman workhorse, Miles.  I quite like the look of these Rubicon kits that you've submitted over the past few years. Though I'm quite partial to 1/48 scale for 28mm, I think I might give one of these a whirl. 

20 points for you, Miles and another submission to the 'What a Tanker!' contest. Well done!

- Curt


  1. A lovely bit of work, Miles - tanks are always fun!

  2. Lovely looking Sherman! It's funny coming to a Rubicon model after making Warlord ones to find so many options!
    Best Iain

  3. Fab job, may you command rolls always be what you need!

  4. "secrete "mud" mixture"?!?!
    I'm terrified to ask this but I just have to know. You actually *secrete* mud? How? Where from? Ewww!!!!

  5. Great work with 'just' green!