Friday, 8 March 2019

From AdamC: Romans, the True Heir, a Bastard and Alvar (131 points)

 One Big post today.  I've got Roman Spear men and a standard bearer.
 There are 10 in all which is a bit of an awkward number its what cam in the gripping Beast box.
8 Armoured legionnaires 4 with swords and 4 with pears perfect for point of Hearthgaurd troops in saga.
 I would have like a few more men in mail but you get what you get.
 Two roman commanders one with an oval shield the other with a round shield.
I wish there had been some more options to customise these guys. So that Gripping Beast Box is done 20 men for the Legion all together this time.
 Next we have one of Badd Squiddo games Civilians.  Originally she was holding a hatchet but I didn't like the way that looked so I converted it to a staff.  Now she looks like a woman on a journey who has been startled not one cowering behind an inadequate weapon she doesn't know how to use.
She's carrying an infant which makes her great marker if I ever use the True Heir option for a game of saga. (this potion basically give your opponent fatigue every time they go after your warlord because they fear killing a member of their royal family)  She's also raises me to 25 points worth of civilians for another Squirrel point.
 This fellow is from Crusader Miniatures and is the mounted version of the figure I used for Rodrigo  in the bonus round. I could have made him match that figure but for me the unhelmed head and out stretched hand brought to mind the incident from the battle of Hastings where William the Bastard (Conqueror) rallied his men by removing his helm to show he was alive.
I think I need another layer of wash on the horse and possibly the cloak as both look a little flat or it could be the effect of the camera flash.  I can use him for Saga as William or as any warlord that I want to have look more like a "general" than "warrior".
 The Second figure from Crusaders' Personalities El Cid and Alvar Minaya set.  This was intended to represent Alvar one of El Cids most trusted companions, and a historical figure: Alvar Fanez
 There is also an Alvar in the Lions of Al-Rassan book a young man who is on his first mission with the Captain's company when the story begins. When I first read the book he was the character I most identified with. (This was in 1996 when I was a young buck myself)
I painted this fellow as sort of generic Noble man of the Crusade era.  I'm especially pleased with how the colors I used go together especially the robe and belt.  He won't match my other crusaders but a nobleman commanding troops for his lord wouldn't necessarily wear that lords livery so it works.

we have 20 Romans with a hand painted banner for 101 points (banner traditionally get an extra point so I am presuming a little).
2 other 28mm figures on foot for 10 points
2 cavalry figures also of 28mm scale for 20 points
That's give me 131 points my largest entry of this challenge.


The robe and the belt do go together quite nicely on that crusader vassal. Very Aragon and Barcelona.

And 131 points go into the books!


  1. Great work Adam! I like the civilian and think your swap with a staff was a good choice.

  2. The boss has said it all; the figures are top notch and the conversion really adds some flavour. Good job Adam!

  3. Woo hoo , grand stuff Adam !

  4. Good work, Adam - keep them coming!

  5. Lovely work, the civilian conversion is really good!
    Best Iain

  6. Nice work and a reminder that I have a couple of hundred late Romans in the 'pile of shame'

  7. I do like your converted civilian!