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From TamsinP: 15mm SYW Russians (110 points)

As many of you know, one of my ongoing bouts of megalomania long-term projects has been to paint every regiment of the Russian army which took part in the Seven Years War. Earlier this year I painted the last nine regiments of line infantry and had finished the regular cavalry a couple of years ago. That just leaves me with a few odds and ends to do, so this might be the very last time you see a post for this project during the Challenge. But have no fear - there will be doubtless be more megalomania projects to replace this one in the future.

All that is left for me to add now are Suvalov's Observation Corps (that will be two "regiments" of grenadiers, eight of musketeers and some artillery), Cossacks (one can never have enough of them), more generals and some converged grenadiers. speaking of the last two...

Converged Grenadiers

That's two more units of the blighters. At some point I'll need another two.


Back in August our club did a refight of Kunersdorf - I supplied all the Russians apart from the Observation corps and some Cossacks. It became evident that I didn't have enough "generals" to act as brigade commanders, so I thought I'd better add some.

The chaps in cloaks will be used as infantry brigade commanders, the cloakless ones as cavalry and artillery brigade commanders. Here's a pic of my generals collection in their storage:

Looking at that pic tells me that I might need to add some more "division" commanders.  Adding those to the list might mean there will be a SYW Russian entry from me in AHPC XI. I should probably also do a C-in-C base and maybe some hussars acting as messengers. OK, I give in - there will almost certainly be an entry for this project next time around.

All the figures are 15mm from Essex Miniatures.

For scoring:

36 x 15mm foot @ 2 = 72 points
9 x 15mm mounted @ 4 = 36 points

Total = 108 points


A great project and a worthy one for you to attempt as well!  However, if you really want to label this as a monomaniacal project, I would suggest you have to do it in 1:1 figure:real life men count!  Come on Tamsin, are you up to the challenge????

All kidding aside, they look awesome and it is a very cool project.  I love the look of all of your ranked up 15mm figures, they look amazing, and it boggles my mind how you a) deal with all those damn finicky uniforms in 15mm and b) how you stay on topic with such a large project.  I have far too much gamer ADHD to deal with any large project anymore, and when I do, its 10-20 models for project X then sidetracked, then back, then sidetracked.... rinse and repeat, then at some point just completely squirrel out and leave it 75% done forever....

I envy your ability to stick to a project of this size and get it done, and for that rounded your score to 110 points.

- Byron


  1. Fantastic stuff Tamsin. My squirrel-brain salutes your ability to focus on such a big project.

    That said, maybe best to do it all again in 28mm, perhaps?

  2. Wow, I love the sheer spectacle of those converged grenadiers. Such nice, clean brushwork, Tamsin. The green, red and brass-faced mitres look terrific.

  3. I quite like the Russians in the SYW and these look very nice Tamsin! I suppose the red and green is a color combo that just works great. Look forward to more.


  4. amazing project but don't you ned to paint all the opposition

  5. Lovely work as always Ms P. I do like to see massed ranks of horse and musket troops, and SYW to boot. No megalomania here eh, just building every regiment in the Russian army.

  6. Great work love watching this army grow

  7. When you're done, we'll need to see a photo of the whole army! Awesome work so far, keep them coming.

  8. Lovely work Tamsin - the cloaks look amazing.

  9. @ Byron - thanks for the extra points! Do it in 1:1 figure:man ratio? Hmmm, maybe in 2mm...
    As for my dedication to this project, it's been a case of doing it in fits and starts - a couple of regiments here, a couple there - in between all the other projects that my own gamer ADHD decides I should be doing :)

    @ Greg - cheers! Again in 28mm? Are you trying to bankrupt me? ;)

    @ Curt - thanks! I hate painting mitres! Thank goodness I've only got four more regiments of them to do...for the Russians at any rate ;)

    @ Christopher - cheers! The good thing about the SYW Russians is that the infantry are all in the same uniforms, so you don't have to fuss about different facings, different waistcoats, different breaches, etc. The bad thing about the SYW Russians is that the infantry are all in the same uniforms, so they do get rather boring to paint ;)

    @ Martin C - thanks! Luckily, many other club members have Prussians so I don't need to paint the opposition...for now at least :)

    @ Peter D - cheers! Well, I guess true megalomania would be painting all the regiments which didn't fight as well ;)

    @ Adam C - thanks! And there's a bit more growing left for you to watch :)

    @ Stuart L - cheers! I might do an interim army review after the Challenge :)

    @ Pete - thanks! The cloaks did come out quite nicely :)

    @ Alex - cheers! :)

  10. These look excellent Tamsin! The colour combination definitely is a winner, especially when done as well as here.

  11. Wonderful work Tamsin and I salute your megalomania, sorry, focus and dedication!

  12. Lots of lovely looking Russians! I'm glad there is still some of the army to look forward to!
    Best Iain

  13. @ Nick - thanks! I can thank someone in C18th Russia for the colour combo :)

    @ Peter A - cheers! :)

    @ Iain - thanks! Yes, still some more but not suring this Challenge :)

  14. I'm sorry, I thought you typed "every regiment that took part...." What lunacy! Smashing job on these.

  15. Very nice, particularly the generals!

  16. @ Jamie - cheers! Yes, with the exception of the Observation Corps, I have painted all of the Russian foot and horse regiments which fought in at least one battle of the Seven Years War. Lunacy? No, just a mild dose of megalomania. :)

    @ Barks - thanks! :)

    @ Will - cheers! :)


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