Tuesday, 23 December 2014

From GillesW - DEAD MAN BEGINS! (150 Points)

Could have been Dead Man's Hand but for me it will be Dead Man beginning next friday at our club.
Of course I had nothing ready for that.

So a little search in my lead pile and few hours later , Tada!!!

The Ming Ling Foo Laundry have some employees to work out the dirty tasks. The figures are from Wargames Foundry Pirate range, (I just loved to paint them with the triads). For the moment only 6 are Based and flocked (yes, it's a minimalist flocking, but Zipocity is in a desert aera)10 more are nearly finshed and will appear next Tuesday.

they will be played as an exotic rioting civilian band

...and then here is the weekly parution of the Black Army project, as usual the figures are from the 15mm Essex Miniatures medieval range firstly the Bohemian  mercenary handgunners followed by the German mercenary hangunners.

and the first unit of the Germano-Bohemian mercenary spearmen, I have taken my inspiration on the  excellent blog of Monty http://twincitiesfieldofglory.blogspot.fr
a gold mine of painted jewels.

The shields are handpainted, it was far more time consuming than I thought, but I'm quite happy of them, so the second unit should be ready for the next Tuesday.
From Curt:
Oh, this is a very nice submission Gilles! The rioting launderers are great but I have to say that your Germano-Bohemian spearmen steal the show with those hand painted shields. Pretty glorious stuff there - bravo. 
This marvelous group of figures will give Gilles 150 points, including a little extra for the bespoke shieldwork. Great work!


  1. good job. but judging by the boards, it's still the Hussites

  2. Impressive work on those shields, I particulary like the geese!

  3. Beautiful work, those shields are fantastic!

  4. The shading on the 28s is superb mate. Really nice indeed. The Essex stuff is awesome! How on earth did you get that detail level on the shields? Good to see someone else doing Essex stuff BTW, I think they are a most underrated figure.

  5. Really nice entry. A real pleasure for the eyes. Cheers

  6. Those shields are great! I really like your western Chinese gang! Great skin tones on them, really nice sculpts with great brushwork!

  7. Crisp and clean everything that wargames models should be.

  8. Very nice - I get a laugh out of the goose shield designs - exceptionally well done

  9. I like the laundry workers, but those shields are great.

  10. Lovely work! These laundry workers are top notch in their muted colours and your freehand painting on the shields of the spearmen is just ace.

  11. Excellent work! Those shields are brilliant.