Monday, 22 December 2014

From AdamC - US Intelligence and Recon Platoon + Others (42 points)

So the story behind these figures is I volunteered about a year ago to be a "Ranger" for Battle front.  They sent me a bunch of plastic figures that and a few vehicles (you saw the StuGs already) that they say mirrored what was in the "open fire set."  I hope this was not the case as I found I was far short of a US Para platoon or company.  I did have enough Germans for another project and enough US for a good I&R platoon.  This was good since I have discovered recently the I&R platoon is a very handy unit for the USA in Flames of War and having troop dedicated to portraying them will be nice.  The troops are mounted on the Urban Bases (more on these latter).

So there they are 2 infantry Stands, a Bazooka stand and an LMG stand as well as two command stands.

I like the they troops have a variety of weapons I&R platoons tended to have lots of firepower.  

 They get to ride in Jeeps so having a bunch of .30 cal LMGs is not an issue you can switch out your regular infantry stands for up to 3 LMG stands I always take at least one.

 Again troops in Jeeps have no problem carrying a bazooka and  the Platoon leader is the phone to HQ while his sergeant looks at the map.

 Carefully picking our way through the rubble strung streets of some French or German town

 The premade bases are a great Idea but I really didn't find them like working with them.

 The miniature bases stand out too much a problem I might be able to fix...

The bases them selves really lack something to my eye as I look down on them... I may need to just cover them with some flock but having painted them it seems a shame.

 I put together this extra command stand to use with my Para forces if I ever want to field Major/Captain Winters form Band of Brothers.  The stance just reminds me of a an image from the series./

 This rear shot didn't come out quite so well.  US uniforms are oh so exciting...

Another example of the basing that I think still needs some work.  I am pleased with the figures but the bases... I won't get these again and I am glad I didn't pay for them.

The other day I made a US Infantry list with a sniper only to find I had not US snipers... This will fill the gap.  They were supposed to be part of to additional LMG Stands but the 4 men making up the LMG stands went together so badly I scraped them and put these two salvageable figures together as a sniper team. (For those who are wondering they were prone).

 I didn't have any more pre-made bases so I did up my own... and your probably not surprised to hear I like it a lot better.

The sniper takes aim using a fence to steady his aim while his partner watches his flank.

From Curt:

Great work Adam! While the socket bases Battlefront provides are ingenious they can have the look of a bad hair replacement. I'd suggest using a texture gel like that offered by Liquitex or Golden. It's acrylic (so takes paint), fast drying and does a marvelous job in filling gaps like these. (Actually,I find these bases are excellent for mixing mix small dabs of paint and ink...). As you say, the best of the lot is the log one you did yourself! 
Well done!


  1. Thanks for the tip if I ever use these again I will keep that in mind. That said if I ever use these again it will be because I got more free I can do better on my own and do it faster.

  2. I see what you mean about the bases. The painting of the figures on the other hand...... Thumbs up mate.

  3. I tend to agree with Curt about the sabot /socket bases - I don't especially like them but horses for courses. I would also suggest just a little flocking for variety's sake. You've done a great job on these yanks and cranked out a pretty strong force. Well done.

  4. Top job in finishing all these miniatures (including the Germans).

  5. These fellows are my favorite kinda unit! See but don't be seen and if you are spotted go heavy fast! Shame the bases didn't work out as they do seem interesting. Hopefully some flock will fix them up! The sniper team is my favorite base of the lot.


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