Thursday, 11 December 2014

From TamsinP - 15mm Seven Years War Russian Hussars (72 Points)

OK, so I'm not as quick off the blocks as some of my fellow Challengers and this isn't a points bomb, but here is my first entry. I had thought about waiting until I'd finished painting all of the cavalry (there are another 4 regiments part-painted - 2 of cuirassiers, 1 each of dragoons and horse grenadiers) but decided it would be nice to get some points on the table early on. I will probably submit the remaining regiments as one batch in a few days' time.

These figures are 15mm from Essex. You might spot that two of the figures on the command bases have rather odd-looking sabres. That's because the swords were originally standards, which is rather odd as Russian hussar regiments weren't issued colours during the Seven Years War.

So, my first entry - two regiments of hussars.

Slobodskiy Hussars

Zeltiy Hussars

That's 18 figures, so should give me 72 points.

From Curt:
Lovely work Tamsin. What system are you using these figures for? I know you've been trying out a few different rules lately. Anyway, these are wonderful. Your usual nice, clean painting. I particularly like the Zeltiy Hussars, but then again I'm always partial to yellow. I look forward to seeing the cuirassiers, dragoons and horse grenadiers in the coming days! 


  1. well done Tamsin!
    really like the light blue and the yellow!
    nice mix of horse colors.

  2. These are great. Love the colours and the sense of movement. Superfly

  3. These are great and you have more to come


  4. Those are lovely Tamsin! 18th century is the finest time period for warfare with toy soldiers.

  5. A real classy looking job. Nicely done.

    And I'm very envious of your superbly clean whites, and gloriously smooth yellows! Two colours that I absolutely struggle with.

  6. Beautiful colors. I'm looking forward to seeing more SYW stuff from you, as it's such a great period in terms of uniforms and visual appeal.

  7. Nice mass or cavalry. Well excited Tamsin.

  8. @ Curt - glad you like them. At the club we play King of the Battlefield (written by one of our members), so this army will be based for that. The other regiments should be finished in a few days' time.

    @ Gilles - I always try to get a good mix of colours for the horses as I think it looks better.

    @ Martin - thanks :)

    @ Ian - cheers! Yup, more Russian cavalry to come (but possibly less colourful and dashing)

    @ Adam - a great period indeed, but soooo uniform. I might just have to paint up some Cossacks to get some non-uniformity in there :)

    @ Roy - thanks. For whites and yellows I usually go over a base coat of sky grey or yellow ochre (respectively)

    @ David L - there will be more to come - 4 cavalry regiments, 3 commanders, 8 infantry regiments (6 musketeer, 2 grenadier) and 2 artillery pieces with crews and limbers.

    @ DaveD - not sure that 18 figures counts as a mass ;)

  9. Beautiful looking units, excellent finish on those uniforms and horses!

  10. So glad you decided not to wait until you got them all done as I've been looking forward to your post.

    Those yellows are so nice and everything is clean and tidy. Well done girl!

  11. Well I am not disappointed. Since that game at the rejects I have been thinking fo getting into this period. I am not convinced yet but if you keep showing such nice figure I may be by the end of the challenge.

    Personally I don't like points bombs, I like to enjoy a little at a time. It makes it more of a treat for me.

  12. Very nice; there are a lot of painted horses there!!!

  13. A great first entry Tamsin! That blue is gorgeous. I love this period, especially the cavalry and I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest.

  14. Nice one! I really like the vibrant colours you used.

  15. Very nice lively colours Tamsin!


  16. @ Chasseur - thank you, thank you and thanks you :)

    @ Anne - everything looks clean and tidy because of my cunning choice of photo angles ;)

    @ Clint - the rest of the cavalry are pretty drab in comparison to the hussars, particularly the cuirassiers. It is an interesting period to get into. I think the most colourful army overall has to be the Spanish. Hopefully the rest of my SYW entries will convert you fully :)

    @ Juan - only 18 horses! ;)

    @ Millsy - that's Vallejo Deep Sky Blue 70.844. Glad you like them :)

    @ Moiterei - well, the colours are the historical ones for those regiments. I hope I captured them reasonably accurately.

    @ Greg - cheers! :)

    @ Robert - thanks :)

    @ Christopher - all the hussar regiments had colourful uniforms. I'm tempted to paint up all the Russian hussar regiments at some point, just because - Hussars! :)

  17. Nice work Tamsin - and a fine riposte to my early lead! Touche!

  18. Great result. Nice looking units of horseflesh and sabre slashing doom. cheers

  19. excellent performance. I think on the table, these units will look very good

  20. Those bright colours are fantastic. The yellow is especially striking.

  21. Excellent looking figures Tamsin!!!

  22. That's a striking color scheme, almost makes me want to start gaming the period :-)

  23. You can't go wrong with Hussars. Russian SYW hussars may just be cossacks in fancy dress, but they're still gallant and dashing, especially when Tamsin paints them. Especially nice job with the shabraques, T. Well done.

  24. @ Dux - ahh, but I see you've taken back the lead ;)

    @ Brendon - thanks! Horses, pelises and sabres. Gotta love them! :)

    @ Alex - I hope they perform well on the table. At the very least they'll add a welcome splash of colour to the army :)

    @ Tea Urn - that's the thing with hussars - bold, bright colours.

    @ Ray - thanks! Glad you like them :)

    @ Ste - the colour scheme was entirely decided by history. I'm pretty sure it was the hussars that made me want to game the period.

    @ Michael P - indeed, how can you go wrong? I'm not sure it's fair to describe them as cossacks in fancy dress though. Well, maybe the Novoserbskiy and Slavianoserbskiy regiments ;)
    As for the shabraques, it would have been nice to actually do the dogtooth bordering, but at 15mm who is going to be able to see that?

  25. Well done. By my definition anything in double digits is a points bomb.

  26. Very striking squadrons, Tamsin! The brood and I are watching the Baron Munchausen wipe the floor with Turkish cavalry as I type! ;)

  27. They're quite nice, I quite like them. Yellow and white are still challenges to paint for me.

  28. Great and colourful stuff. A always thought of the Hussars as the reward you'd get for painting all the dreary same green infantry regiments. You know first you have to paint say 3 foot regiments and then you get to choose a nice and cheery Hussar regiment ;-) Anyway well done!