Saturday, 20 December 2014

From Teemu - Frodo with the Ring (5 Points)

Third model to get paint from me during this challenge is another LotR figure. There has already been Ringwraith and Gollum, so what better addition to the trio than Frodo himself? All three are ringbound more or less. The sun is already gone and getting proper light to take photos is again quite difficult. I think I managed it somehow.

So here's Frodo with the Ring, familiar GW product. Frodo is usually seen in earthly colors, so green cloak and different kind of browns on jacket and trousers with not exactly white shirt and a golden Ring. There has been lots of talk about eyes during the challenge. I usually paint eyes with white and a black dot on them, which make them look quite strange. This time I tried a different approach, I painted the eye black. Even at that point the eyes looked quite good, small hobbit eyes looked good. As a final touch I put a little white dot on the outer sides of the eyes, it was so small that I'm not even sure it is there. Might be hard to notice it from the pictures. Anyway, that made the eyes look very good. I just don't know if I'm able to redo that again...

Here he is in different light, I'm not sure which one is better.

And here's a bonus shot of all three of them, at least the black Ringwraith looks better here than in the original entry. The photo is a little bit tilted, but it shows how horrified Frodo is.

I have couple of more figures almost ready, but I don't think I can manage to finish and photograph them today, so they need to wait a week to get here.

Another 28mm miniature should get me another 5 points.

From Curt:
Ah, a great figure and you've done a wonderful job on him Teemu. Your approach to painting his eyes seems to have worked quite well, especially for this figure when we imagine Frodo's eyes being wide in both terror and wonder. Great work.


  1. I was wondering if anyone would send in a picture of an empty but well finished base and "Claim" it was Frodo with the ring on! (I must admit I was tempted with all the LOTRs figures this year! Got to be better than the chair last year!)
    Nice job on the ring bearer, Full of character and full of fun.

    1. Oi... That's my comic entry...

    2. Thanks Clint you've messed up my idea ;-)

  2. Splendid looking frodo!
    Clint! Stop with the ideas! Funny, and a good one though! It is also way better an idea than the "Chair"

  3. Nasty hobbitses. We hates them, we hates them.

    Great work Teemu - I think you've captured the look really well :)

  4. Nice to see more of these from you as you give them such a classic style as I imagine them in the book.

    All three look splendid together!

  5. Good work. And I can see the white in Frodo's eyes :)

  6. Top work Teemu. You've put plenty of interest into a simple figure.

  7. That's one tiny figure. Looks great. cheers

  8. Great group shot at the end. Well done on the eyes.