Tuesday, 27 January 2015

From GillesW - Chicken Killers from France (152 Points)

Firstly all my apologies to everyone, I did not put any comment on the submissions because I was very busy.

I have planned to finish my Mycenaean footmen, but Sunday 21th, one of my friend asked me if I could lend to him some French ordonnance longbowmen with some light handgunners in view of the next weekend tournament in Belgium, of course I had none of them.

I put aside what I done at this moment, to prepare the figures he Needed to complete his army list.

The only inconvenience is that I planned to get to the tournament in Brussels the Friday 24th afternoon, just only four days (and nights), so no time to lose. A trip on the lead pile and some efforts at "the stunt sation" later they were ready (it was pretty close!).
Here they are!

The French ordonnance Archers

Then the "Franc-archers" better known as the chicken killers in the middle ages (I think by now that their descendants are working for KFC).

and finally the hand gunners

Next week something different !


  1. Wow, you are great to your friend, changing plans and such speed and quality


  2. Nice work Gilles :)

    I hope they didn't live up to the reputation of newly painted units being unlucky in their first games.

    1. Hi Tamsin,
      they seemed to have done a great work during the games (they left only one point in four games), my friend said that he was tempted to get out of the tournament with them in his toolbox.
      I hope that they will continue to do the same in my service when I'll finish the French Ordonnance for Field of Glory ;-)

      all the best.


  3. This is a fantastic painting work, great!

  4. These look great. There is so much excellent medieval stuff in the Challenge this year - its very cool.

  5. Essex miniatures right? I've got a load of them in my Burgundian Ordnance and I love them, some of the best for the period going around. These are absolutely beautiful mate and credit to you for painting them to this level in such short order.

  6. They are just so good, I might have to steal them (opps did I say that out loud!)

  7. They look very nice, nice groupings and color use as they look really animated too!

  8. These look great, and all the more impressive for their quick turnaround!