Thursday, 8 January 2015

From MichaelF - 20mm WWII US Infantry (256 points)

OK, time to join the fun!
As you may have seen in posts from the other Dutch contenders this challenge starts with some 20mm WW2.

I’ve been painting like crazy to get a lot of these finished for our Christmas game and I was delighted that the day before the game I had a basic platoon and some terrain ready for battle. Terrain? still don’t know how it happened but at one point I promised to do some terrain, probably thinking I would do it before the challenge started. Did not happen off course so a lost a lot of points there.

Not sure BTW how RobP managed to get his done in time, but I could swear when I visited him the night before the game the 3 Stugs he just posted and appeared on my right flank the day after where nowhere near finished (in the box even). Anyway, It must be one of our highlights every year. Six guys sweating and staring at deadlines but in the end everyone delivers and a new period or scale is born.

So here we go. Figures by AB with a few from Kelly’s heroes.

It’s not the full platoon, I painted the first squad before the competition started.

Squad 1

Squad 2

I just post squad 3 for completeness, these were painted before the competition so no points

HQ from Kelly's heroes

More HQ

Medic & Flamethrower from Kelly's Heroes


Machine Guns

Extra's for CoC games

Observer & Bazooka team, sniper

57mm ATG

You need lots of jeeps

but this is the same one

and a muddy truck (Sgt Mess) to park in one of the farms

And a few scenic shots for those who are bored of the white background

From Curt:
First, welcome aboard Michael! It's great to have the third member of the Dutch team join in the fun. 

Oh wow, these are just great Michael! I always have enjoyed your paint style as it's always so smooth and precise. I also like how weather-worn these GIs look and your basing of them is terrific as well. It's funny though, if I had to choose just one element from this submission I'd have to say I'd go with the muddy civilian truck. You can almost smell the manure and straw in the flatbed - it's wonderfully characterful!

Those scenic shots are pretty choice as well. But then again,  I remember from gaming with you guys last spring that you always put on a very nice table. Bravo and again, it's great to have you with us!


  1. Beautiful painting Michael! They look like 28s you've done such a good job. The old truck is a lovely model too and just the kind of thing to really lift a table up. A nice big points bomb to get you going too.

  2. Terrific entry. You have brought these to life.

  3. These are excellent. Well done.

  4. Some fabulous painting here and I can't see a problem with your late start when you keep on submitting such points bombs. Some more of it please!

  5. These look just great. I thought they were 28mm at first. They were worth the wait.

  6. A wonderful first entry Michael!


  7. Best post of the day, they look like 28mm models.

  8. Tremendously good GI's in every way.

  9. Great job! When I finally get around to painting my Billy V Easy Company figures I'll reference your work here.

  10. Fantastic. These miniatures are true gems and you have painted them really well!!!

  11. these look great, presenting in one go really shows off all the different parts very nicely indeed.

  12. Never heard of the company Kelly's Heroes, my first thought was the movie( a fav) and the second was do they have Odd Ball? Odd Ball has a subordinate who wears a fez! ;)
    Great submission! My fav is the old truck, and it's a shame terrain isn't counted as yours is fantastic! I build three to four scenic/objectives for every force I own.

    1. "AGAIN with the negative waves, Moriarty!" I loved that film, dodgy fake Tigers and all.

  13. Fantastic work - great figures painted superbly (and pretty cool terrain as well)

  14. First rate job. I think the HQ is my favorite--wonderful character there. And gorgeous terrain to boot!

  15. So much good stuff coming in for smaller scales, I have to keep checking that they're not 28mm!

    Excellent work, Michael!

  16. Excellent work. These are lovely.