Saturday, 3 January 2015

From TamsinP - 2nd Moscowskiy and Apsheronskiy Musketeer Regiments (74 Points)

Well, folks, for my eighth entry, some more Russians. You'll be pleased to hear that I've only got four more regiments to bore you with paint up to complete my initial army. I'm hoping to fully paint the next two before I return to work on Wednesday (I took a few extra days off). Going back to work will, of course, slow my painting down somewhat, but if I'm really lucky I might just complete the final two in time for my posting slot next Saturday - stick that in your pipe and smoke it Ian! *grin*

But enough of the banter; on with the post.

I present to you the 2nd Moscowskiy and the Apsheronskiy regiments of musketeers. As before, the figures are 15mm from Essex Miniatures.

2nd Moscowskiy Regiment

The 2nd Moscowskiy regiment fought in the battles of Gross-Jagersdorf, Paltzig and Kunersdorf. They also took part in the 1760 capture of Berlin.

Apsheronskiy Regiment

The Apsheronskiy regiment fought in the battles of Gross-Jagersdorf and Kunersdorf. It was after the latter that they gained the distinction of wearing blood-red gaiters instead of the usual black. This was a result of the regiment holding its position against all Prussian attacks. They took heavy casualties and were described as standing "knee deep in blood".

Close-Up of the Command Stands

I make that 36 figures = 72 points and hopefully +2 points for the freehand flags. which will give me a nice lead over Ian for a few days until he gets to post.

From Curt:Beautiful stuff Tamsin. I don't know if its the colours, the period or what, but I still think this Seven Year War foray is some of your best work yet.  Your bush control is very steady and neat, particularly on the officers and drums. Wonderful. 
Let's see if we can see the last four units for your next submission on Saturday. No pressure...  ;)


  1. You are clearly a painting machine Tamsin :-) Gorgeous SYW minis, the officers being my particular favourites. How you paint this well and this quick is beyond me. Top stuff!!!

  2. Nice units Tamsin. I love e SYW too. Great flags!
    Cheers, PD

  3. These look great Tamsin. I love this period and I think smaller scales work really well because you can get a lot of units on the table.

  4. Wow! No stopping you now, you're clearly on a roll with all the SYW regiments you're churning out.

    Well done!

  5. Those regiments look really great. This army is going to be a pleasure for your opponents to play against. Nice work.

  6. Sharp looking units Tamsin and you're NOT boring us in the least.

    Keep it up!

  7. Well I think you have taken over from Ray! JK
    Another nice historical unit I know nothing about but you are teaching me. I am sure the army will look great on the table-top. And I do look forward to seeing that.

  8. Very clean and neat painting again. The red turned out great.

  9. It's building into a fine collection...

  10. Nice work Tamsin, keep the Ruskies coming, I love a bit of the 7YW, any plans of another country??

  11. These look great. You'll have so many figures on the table at this scale, I'll bet they look fantastic all together.

  12. Lovely work. The flags look really good.

  13. These look great and the free handed flags - stunning - I could never attempt something like that. I'm looking forward to seeing the next four regiments!

  14. Nice infantry, Tamsin! They look great in red and green, I also noticed they have commanding mustaches! The flags are really good!

  15. And the points just keep piling up! Great work on these

  16. Lovely! I think your flags are great. I must avoid the temptation to start painting 7YW in 6mm...

  17. These look great, I agree with Curt some of your best.

    Do I look worried eh? I have a few points up my sleeve you know ;-)


  18. Well done Tamsin, you done a great paintwork on the SYW figures from Essex Miniatures, it's just a kick in my ass to push me in this period for Maurice and Might and Reason;)
    Warm regards.


  19. Eeeks! Lots of people to reply to.

    @ Curt - you certainly seem to like this project of mine. Go on, admit it - it's the sight of all those men in lace, wigs and leather thigh-highs that get's you going isn't it? ;)
    I think the big difference between these and most of my other armies is that they haven't been subjected to my usual Klear/ink mix, so look cleaner. The only washes used here have been a brown wash on the flesh and a black (or dark red for the Apsheronskiy) wash on the gaiters.
    I wouldn't hold your breath on me getting all 4 remaining units finished for next Saturday - I'm back at work on Wednesday and have a game booked in on Thursday, so that will slow me down a lot. I will make a good effort to get there though.

    @ Blax - I am not a machine! Honest! :)

    @ Peter D - thanks. It is a fantastic period to paint up :)

    @ Millsy - well, I'll have 14 units (plus artillery and commanders) to start with. It will probably go to double that size eventually.

    @ Evan - I certainly seem to be on a roll with these. Glad you like them :)

    @ Aaron - I'm hoping that my opponents won't want the figures to leave the table and will refrain from shooting at or charging them! :)

    @ Anne - thank you m'dear. It's good to know that the monotony of all these SYW regiments isn't boring people.

    @ Clint - taken over from Ray? No, just checked. No budgies being smuggled by me and no sandbags in my back garden either ;)

    @ Moiterei - the painting looks clean because I spent a few hours tidying up mistakes at the end. Do you mean the red of the gaiters? That has come out quite nicely. :)

    @ Dave D - it surely is :)

    @ Ray - thanks! No plans for another country just yet. Maybe next year once I've played these for a while (and don't forget I'll be adding to this army during the year).

    @ Tea Urn - it certainly will look impressive when it's complete. I'll try to take a pic of the whole army together once they are all done.

    @ Roy - thank you :)

    @ Miles - the flags are rather impressionistic, but at this scale it seems to work :)

    @ David B - well, as I have been instructed, moustaches are of great importance. Even if the command groups seem to disagree ;)

    @ Phil - almost halfway to my target! :)

    @ Dux - thanks! As for SYW in 6mm - resistance is futile ;)

    @ Adam - thank you :)

    @ Ian - I know you have points up your sleeve, but I'll have a whole bunch more up mine next weekend :)

    @ Gilles - thank you sir, and I'm glad to oblige with a kick in the posterior to get you painting yours up :)

  20. Another great unit and painting work. Really fine.

  21. Lovely work Tamsin - not boring in the least! I too would love to see the regiments all together at some point; I am sure it will be an impressive sight (to be honest it already is!).

  22. Thanks for the closeups, it really shows off your beautiful work. I find the green and red combination of the Russian uniforms very appealing.

  23. @ Juan - thank you :)

    @ Peter - I was just worried that posting so many regiments on the same theme might start to wear on people. I'm glad it hasn't bored anyone.

    @ Sean - thank you. The colour combination was the main attraction for me of doing the Russians.

  24. Great work Tamsin. This is an incredible project.

  25. Lovely stuff Tamsin. I'm in awe of your productivity.
    The Apcheronski Regt is a particular favourite of mine and you do them justice. Are you going to do any Observation Corps regiments in their distinctive high boots?

  26. @ Greg - and very near completion! :)

    @ Michael P - thank you Padre. I don't currently have plans to do the Observation Corps, but may do some in the future. Besides, they'd been incorporated into the Artillery by 1760 :)