Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Voting Results for the 3rd Bonus Theme Round: 'Victorian'

Ah, the 'Victorian' round proved to be a real corker, with many imaginative entries ranging from steampunk ships to an indomitable ratcatcher plying his trade in the back lanes of London. 

Again, it was another tight race with only one vote separating First and Second place and no more than a dozen pips between the other top 5 spots. Great stuff.

Here are the runners up:

AlanD's 'Flashman's Guide to International Diplomacy'

MartinN's 'Jack the Ripper'

IannickM's 'Monsieur la Mort'

ByronM's 'Steampunk Tinkerbell'

As for the finalists, I was fortunate enough to secure Third Place with my rendition of 'The Artful Dodger'.

BrianB took Second Place (and 50 bonus points) with his brilliantly SCULPTED AND PAINTED 'Pennyfarthing'.

...and in First Place we have the ever-talented MichaelA with his fantastic ensemble cast: 'Scotland Yard Company' 

Michael, for your efforts you will get a 75 bonus points AND a gift certificate from Martin and Diane at Warbases. Congratulations Mr. Awdry, and thank you Martin and Diane for your generous and continued support of the Challenge!

Okay! This Sunday the bonus round theme is 'Myth' so participants make sure to get your submissions in by Saturday and visitors please come back and visit the gallery to see all of the fantastic entries from our maniacal painters. Paint On!


  1. An excellent group of mini's and well done Michael on the win


  2. Congratulations to everyone and very well done to the winners!


  3. Well done folks, some wonderful work by all especially the top 3.

    Mr Awdry, you'd been very quiet this year. It's good to see you back with a bang!

  4. excellent choices , and a deserved winner!

  5. A fine theme it was and it had excellent contributions. Well done everyone.

  6. Congratulations! looking forward to Myth.

  7. Congratulations to everyone involved!

  8. The people have spoken and the the people recognize talent. Bravo all!

  9. Good job all! Congrats to Michael, as all of the Victorian round was well executed!

  10. I am absolutely thrilled, particularly given the quality of all the entries for this round. A huge thank you to all that voted; not having much fun at work at the moment so to receive a boost like this is really special.

  11. Congratulations Michael and to everyone else!

  12. Top 5! I'm happy with that. Congrats to all the winners, some great pieces.

  13. Congrats to the winners! Absolutely fantastic entries from all!

  14. Nice one Sir M, very well deserved!
    Well done everyone!!

  15. A great set of entries, and a worthy winner in Michael. Some wonderful interpretations - as always!

    Pip pip