Thursday, 26 February 2015

From MarkO - 28mm Leichte Kavallerie (480 points)

Well there is only one piece suitable for this post (jump to 2:15 for the well known bit!)

Though my partner also liked this more modern version...

Three regiments of Napoleonic Austrian Hussars.  Proving I've completely lost my mind in selecting units to paint for a painting challenge. They have infuriating lace EVERYWHERE! :) Very slow going but finally done.

My choice of regiments was decided by the complex formula that I wanted regiments with blue hats, red hats and green hats.

Regiment 4: Hessen-Homburg (blue hats). Everyone paints Hessen-Homburg, but there is a good reason for that - they have one of the most awesomely colourful uniforms ever! Parrot green dolman and pelisse, poppy red trousers, and blue shako. 

Regiment 5: Baron Ott (red hats). Probably my favourites, which of course means they will lose every combat at the critical moment. Dark green dolman and pelisse, crimson trousers, bright red shako.

Regiment 7: Liechtenstein (green hats). Eye catching light blue uniforms with grass green shako so everyone knows to look at the best regiment.

And lastly some more artillery. Austrian Position Guns. Two twelve pounders, and two howitzers. Perry don't make 12 pounders (yet) so I used Front Rank ones. Also the two well fed Captains directing the howitzers are Front Rank, as I needed an extra couple of crew and didn't want to buy an entire extra pack from Perry.

A grand total of 480 points if my addled brain can still add correctly...

From Curt:

Oooh, all this Austrian Napoleonic goodness all tidily wrapped up into a massive points 'Daisy-Cutter'. Wonderful!

The artillery is very grand, but the hussars, like the divas they are, completely steal the show.  The French hussar regiments often get the press but in reality the Austrians and Russians had them beat hands down in the my-pants-are-tighter-than-your-pants fashion-wars. These are all brilliant but my favourites have to the Liechtenstein Hussars with their green shakos and wonderfully bright blue pelisse and dolmans. 

In addition this entry has Mark blowing past his 2500 point target and is now closing in on Dave. It looks like it will be a great race to the finish!

A marvelous entry Mark, thanks for sharing.


  1. Lovely job . Nice bright colour scheme too. Well done

  2. That's an impressive entry! Great paintjobs on them with those super colourful uniforms!

    Seems we have had a lot of points bombs this year round.

    1. Why do I see a point-bomb side challenge forming for next year?

  3. Hussars! Huzzah!

    Beaytiful regiments Mark :)

  4. Great looking additions, with some very eye-catching colors in there

  5. Bloody brilliant, got to love them


  6. brilliant colorful Austrian well done :)

  7. WOW that "Parrot Green" is brighter than some 80's discos when "Fame" was the rage! My eye's nearly melted. Joking aside everything really does look the dogs nuts mate. Incredible!

  8. Fantastic, makes me wonder when LSD was really invented

  9. OOOOOO Pretty Colors! they look awesome one of my favorite entries of the challenge.

  10. Very nice! And truly colourfull they are.

  11. Oh wow. That really is something. Even one unit of gloriously hussars painted so well would be a treat. Three at once is like Christmas! It would be a privilege to sit across the table from an army like the one you are assembling Mark. I'm jealous of your opponents!

  12. Holy crap - now I've been ridden across by a border of Austrian calvary - a most impressive submission. Very well done

  13. Whoa, these are amazing! So colourful and punchy, and in such numbers!

  14. That is an enormous amount of great painting

  15. Thanks for all the comments everyone, very much appreciated!

  16. Incredible entry - wow. These look great!!