Thursday, 26 February 2015

From PeterB - Oldhammer Skeleton Warriors (130 points)

I missed my posting deadline again last week, so this week I've been able to submit 26 'Oldhammer' skeleton warriors.

I plan to have two units armed with hand weapons and shields, the second should be completed next week as I managed to paint 12 of them with this weeks batch.

I went with red and bronze shields as these colours seem to complement the bone colours I've used on the skeletons.

I need to try and get some consistency with the wash colour as it currently veers between black and dark brown.  Mixing the figures within the unit gets around this a little, but, it would be good to get the consistency right.

I've parked the 6mm Russian Cossacks this week and next as I'm painting up my first and only entry for the theme rounds.  These are a couple of rogues from the Victorian period who were made almost loveable by a recent film.  They will also be my Curtgeld for this year so I'm taking my time and doing the best paint job I can.

Normal 6mm service will be resumed shortly along with more 'Oldhammer' goodness.

From Curt:

Wonderful! I love seeing your OldHammer Skellies Peter. You know you're a figure dork when you get tearfully nostalgic in seeing old Citadel shield designs. These Harryhausen holdovers are great and I'll say it again that the dry, arid groundwork really works wonders for the overall 'look'. 

Great work!


  1. Nice work! Lovely old school skeletons!

  2. Fantastic work on the old skeletons. Those old models really do bring back lots of memories. I wouldn't worry about the slightly different tones to the wash, it just makes it look more interesting as a unit

  3. These are just great, ;looking forward to the next lot


  4. These are as good as any you would see in white dwarf back when "OldHammer" was at it peak!

  5. Great to see these figures. They look great and I like the basing a lot.

  6. Absolutely wonderful! Even if I wasn't such a fan of Oldhammer stuff I'd appreciate these. The colours are spot on and the basing reminds me very much of my own style. What's not to like? :-)

  7. I love these old skeletons, brings back memories!

  8. Marvellous! Really like these. Shame they stopped making them. You make them look really good with the colour choices and painting. cheers

  9. Just fantastic. I like the little conversion work on the stumbling skeleton.