Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Terribly Troublesome Tuesday

Good morning all! Tamsin your manic flight attendant reporting for duty.

We are currently cruising at 24,119 points towards our target altitude of 67,450 points. 64 of our 88 passengers and crew have joined the flight.

Now, what's lined up for you today?

Not much so far although I'm sure there will be more demands for crayons (noses for sticking up) as the day progresses.

We have not one, not two but three of Postie's Rejects with submissions lined up. I won't say which three.

Just to remind you that the emergency exits can be found on other planes, not this one.

The Captain recommends that you sit back and enjoy today's segment of our flight.


  1. Good Luck Tamsin.

    (In my defence I would like to say "Big boys done it and run away!")

  2. What about life-jackets-for-floating-in-water-thingies? Or oxygen-masks?

  3. Just one question when is the drink cart coming around?

  4. "The Captain recommends that you sit back and enjoy today's segment of our flight."
    Or else :-)

  5. Is it fasten seatbelts time yet..

  6. I was asleep at the back of the plane - such a smooth flight. I finally sent a points contribution today.

  7. @ Clint - Nope, it was definitely you who was first in line demanding crayons ;

    @ Sander - life jackets are for wimps [as opposed to latex and PVC outfits whch are for (Millsy's a) GIMP(s)]. As for oxygen masks, those will be issued to Challengers when they break the 5000 point barrier ;)

    @ Adam - the drink cart went round earlier; you must have been asleep ;)

    @ Millsy - indeed, indeed... *evil grin*

    @ Ray - we know that you're saving all your non-theme entries for submission in several large sandbags on the final day ;)

    @ Anne - who needs in-flight movies when you have such an enetertaining in-flight geek/freak show? ;)

    @ DaveD - seatbelts? What seatbelts? :o

    @ Jonathan - good to have you on board. Sorry about the sleeping thing - Nurse Docherty messed up your medications ;)