Friday, 12 February 2016

From AlexS - Clan Yoda for "To the Strongest!" (312 points)

In the autumn I studied the new rules from Simon Miller with interest. I liked drawing the battle, and the rules have interesting mechanics with the movement and the battlefield. So I decided to play these rules with 1/72 scale Samurai figures manufactured by "Zvezda". Here is the result of my work on the first of the warring clans - Clan Yoda.


Ashigaru with yari

Ashigaru bowmen

Foot samurai 

Ashigaru skirmishers

Mounted samurai


General view

Thematic cards

So that is a total of nine mounted figures, 50 figures and one mule for the Samurai.

PS: If I have counted correctly, then with this message, I crossed the line 2500 points. What can I say about this?

PPS: I have also finished six polish Hussars - they are not based, as the rules I am using don't call for that.

So that is six more mounted figures. Yo-hu! 
Congratulations Alex on smashing through the 2,500 point level - you continue to impress with the pace, quality and quantity of your submissions.  I'm particularly impressed to see Samurai - that is a period and manner of gaming I've always wished I could try myself, but I find the whole setting too intimidating to tackle myself.  Well done - worthy of a Homer Simpson "woohoo" indeed!


  1. Good work the green and black looks very cool.

  2. Congrats! Great work on the Zvezda Samurai!

  3. I saw these and though "I am going to do that!" forgetting that I already have 2 Samurai armies and no one in the club understands the period at all. Which is a shame as these do look splendid.

  4. Nice looking stuff! Those Zvezda 20mm's actually look pretty darn nice! I've usually just skipped them as toylike.

  5. Very nice, they're tied together really well. Can't say I'd fancy fighting with a whacking great banner on my back..... I'd get blown over!

  6. Nice work Alex and congrats on breaking the 2500 point barrier :)

    "In this one, strong the painting is"
    (oh, come on now - I can't be the only one whose brain made them try to read everything in a certain Jedi master's voice!)

    1. The blue and green light sabres are only good for slicing toast. Red ones are fer fighting! ;)

  7. What a great way to get to target


  8. Congrats on your benchmark! Love the hussars.

  9. That's a wonderfully cool army Alex! I really like the green highlights on the back banners.

  10. Another epic submission. Fantastic work. Now stop painting and spend sleepless nights with your daughter;)

  11. I really like those samurai, Alex! They look fantastic. The Zvezda samurai have been on my wish list a long time now! ;)

  12. I need to pull my finger out and paint my Samurai... Lovely austere painting and basing!