Thursday, 25 February 2016

From StephenS - Milites Christi Mounted Warlord (15 points)


It's been absolutely ages since  my last 'regular' challenge post, all the usual reasons, back at work, baby on the way, football training starting up etcetera, etcetera. Which basically all boils down to, I've been a wee bit lazy... =)

Only something small as I hop back into the saddle, but something that I've been itching to paint for a while now!

A warlord for the new Saga war-band that I've been 'just getting started' for nearly a year now. These guys will, I'm sure, inspire me to great things. As soon as I've gone back and finished off a few other projects that is...

The miniatures are 28 mm figures, both from Gripping Beast. 

The local gaming group is trying out Lion Rampant next week, so there is extra encouragement to get a vaguely medieval force up and running. The monk is supposed to highlight the pious nature of my warlord, but he doesn't look like he is enjoying scampering to keep up while carrying a massive wooden cross.

I would love some feedback on the basing, hopefully it captures the feel of the First Crusade. I didn't want it to look too sandy, but hopefully it will not look out of place on the desert map my nemesis, AlanD has ready and waiting, and waiting...

Hopefully that is a very significant 15 points, and the pick-me-up I needed to start hitting the brushes more regularly. Next up, possibly, will be further progress on my 'Muskets and Tomahawks' war-band. Maybe...

It's great to see you back on the tools Steve, even with a small submission points-wise. 
The Crescent & the Cross SAGA supplement is not one I've seen much of and I'm keen to dig deeper if this is any indication of what's on offer. A wonderful scene and very well painted indeed. 15 richly deserved points for your total! Cheers, Millsy


  1. "Oh, don't be such a misery guts, Geoffrey, we all have our crosses to bear. Yours is just a bit more... literal."
    ; )
    Terrific work, Steve; great job on some very characterful figures!

  2. Great characterisation, this would make a grand warlord

  3. Very nice work on a very cool set.

  4. This warlord will inspire you to complete the warband - Deus vult! ;)

    Nice work Stephen :)

  5. A great start! ;)
    I agree the monk looks a bit tuckered out from keeping up with the Templar! ;)

  6. Lion Rampant is an excellent game. and this base of figures is so characterful it really will stand out as something special.

  7. Do love interesting command stands, this is a cracker

  8. This is a beautiful command stand and very evocative. Best wishes on the impending arrival of the little one!

  9. I agree with Anne, this is a wonderful command stand. I really like the white cross on his surtout and the monk looks suitably miserable. Excellent stuff.

  10. Very nice, Steve, have fun fighting Dux!

  11. Really good and I think the basing looks great, cheers mate

  12. nice work steve ! I saw him in Kingdom of Heaven, it's a great character!