Friday, 19 February 2016

Greetings From Palm Desert California!

The view from my room...I love palm trees...
 Ah - the minion life! This winter is allegedly "mild" (and the state of winter in Canada is actually determined by the weather conditions in the greater Toronto area, as opposed to the actual entire country - Canada is vast, but our elites struggle to comprehend this). So while it has been nice in Toronto (a fun city, I admit - I do love that town), the winter has still checked in with its usual brutality in the prairies. I still can't stand it, and so we are off this week to the wonderful environs of Palm Desert, in the Coachella Valley of southern California.  My wife and I have been visiting this area during the winter for over 10 years, and it is a trip I look forward to each time!

So no painting anything this week...but still some fun, vaguely hobby-related activity - the Palm Springs Air Museum! Home to a large assortment of WW2-era aircraft - many of them still flying! My dad and I stopped in for a visit this week to see some of our favourite planes...

P-40 Tomahawk - this puppy still flies!
A Dauntless SBD Dive Bomber - the terror of the Imperial Japanese Navy at Midway - another favourite!
A B-17 bomber! Still flying! Very cool to visit this

So there might be a slight delay to a few posts today as I chill out and drink by the pool in the desert of southern California...Canadian winter can f*** itself with a rusty rake - even a so-called "mild one".

On to the postings from our talented Friday crew....


  1. Very nice Nose Art.
    As for the Canadian Winter. I am sure it is worse in most places than the UK. But you also have room to breathe and you are not (usually) tripping over people on a tiny crowded island.

  2. Enjoy your winter sunshine break :)

  3. Whoa... Whoa... We get paid holidays for minion duties...result..

    Enjoy you thawing out!

  4. Wow! Life is wonderful (from time to time at least)

  5. Enjoy the desert - I think we're all in need of a winter break

  6. Enjoy your break, Greg! A trip to the museum with dad is a good break from winter too! Have fun and mind the brain freeze from the umbrella drinks! ;)

  7. Have a great vacation Greg! We've had an incredibly mild winter here so I really can't complain. Nonetheless, I am missing seeing green! See you in a few weeks!

  8. Very nice indeed sir! Sounds like you're enjoying yourself.

  9. Nice vacation by the looks. It supposed to be monsoon wet season here in Darwin but it seems to be passing us by and it's just flamin hot instead. Hopefully it rains soon. cheers