Friday, 4 March 2016

From GillesW - Catching up on the Backlog - and Borix the Bard! (160 points)

Hi everyone,

I slowly catching up my "base and flock it!"  backlog this week, at least on my Chinese infantry.
These figures are from Essex Miniatures.  I painted them to replace some older ones I had painted previously.  The spears and halberds have been cut off and changed for plastic spears and I have added a banner from the excellent "Little Big Men" studios.

The main issue was to flock them like those I already based some years ago, so I could mix and match them on the table it if needed.

I also worked on more generic Chinese troops in case I want to play something different.  These are bowmen and crossbowmen. I'll paint the same skirmishers but with a brown base to use them in medieval settings too.

To me, this is not a true "points bomb" because the painting was done during the  3 and 4 weeks ago.
I still have some biblical, hellenistic, carthaginian and generic renaissance troops waiting their turn in the queue as I try to finish basing.

But I did paint sone figures this week - some Gauls with a new idea in mind, inspired by the magnificent figures of Miss Anne. Only it is on a more modest scale of course  - don't forget that I'm only a jester ;-)

I did a white undercoat and washed it in my mixture (the wash, known as "frenchjester's bath" is on my blog). Then I put a red glaze called Bloodletter (from Games Workshop) on the flesh areas. Once dry I highlighted here and there the skin with the Ungor Flesh  of Games Workshop, and added the details.

Here is the subject just below:

 Borix the Bard is a limited edition sculpted by Westwind Miniatures for a French friend of mine
(guess how much money he spent for the Kickstarters??) who play Gauls and all sorts of French armies all along the French history

 I'll use it as commander of my Ancient celtic mercenaries.

There are some conversions like heads and shields swaps among these warriors, the shields are inspired by the paintwork done on an Ancient British army by one of my paint masters the great Ian Speed. I find the " so fast" result  on the skins very interesting ( enough to self congratulations ;-)).
more of them will certainly follow...thanks a lot Anne!
Bien fait come toujours, Gilles! Well done.  Whenever you got the painting done, so long as it was done during the Challenge, then this looks like a real points bomb to me.  A lot of variety here (Chinese? Super cool!) but I quite like Borix the Bard, and I envy the esteem in which his colleagues appear to hold him (and the apparent strength they have to carry him around like that). And I'm sure Anne will be pleased to have influenced the work of a painter as prolific and proficient as yourself!

These 79 figures, along with a couple of extra points for spear replacing mayhem and the banner, get you 160 points.  What will the Jester have for us next week? J'attend avec enthousaisme...


  1. Nice work, Gilles! Quite the spectrum too! I quite like the Chinese troops and the banner they sport. The Celtics are very nice too, but as they aren't Sky-clad I suppose they are just taking advantage of opportunity! ;)
    My favorite is your general and his "supporters" very nice centerpiece for your forces! ;)

  2. Excellent submission. The Chinese are cool but the Gauls are great

  3. Very good work all around. that Gualic leader is impressive.

  4. When you see figures as good as this it does make me think I should re-paint all my Gaul's(Ancient British). Excellent work and a bomb is still a bomb until it is detonated no matter when it was made!!

  5. Very nice little points bomb! Love the Gauls! Some great looking shields on them!

  6. Stunning stuff Gilles. I love the blue tunics on the Chinese infantry but I think my favourites are Borix the Bard and his Gaul barbarians. Brilliant work on the shields as well.

  7. Grand stuff. Good quick flesh recipe,

  8. Oh wow Gilles! Your Celts are bloomin gorgeous!

  9. I'm no expert on chinese stuff but these certainly look the part. But those gauls are simply outstanding! Really like what you did on these.

  10. Love the Gauls, Gilles - makes me want to get my Asterix books out and have a read again!
    : )

  11. Great stuff Gilles! Those Chinese are great but I really love the Asterix themed bard!