Tuesday, 8 March 2016

From RayR - 28mm Crew of HMS Ruby (45 points)

Can't believe this is only my 3rd entry into the Challenge proper?? 
And NO, they're not the same figures I entered into the last bonus round!
They're all Foundry figures, infact they were painted the same time as the chaps 
from HMS Badger Dragon and are the other half of the Foundry packs.
I did wonder why one of the packs I bought from ebay had what looked like tight curly hair??
Now I know why...Doh!

Pirates And Swashbucklers  - Balthazars Marauders - CUT032

And there was me, as I was painting the buggers up, thinking, perhaps
I should paint one of these as a coloured chap??

 These rouges should earn me 45 points!
I'm currently in 49th place, thanks to the last bonus round.
And have a few things up my sleeve to hopefully get me up to my 500 point mark.....fingers crossed!

Clint! What have you started? Now Ray is trying his hand at poetry! Stop. Please. Stop.
This bunch of nautical reprobates will indeed earn you 45 points. Very nice painting Ray!


  1. Sorry Tamsin It was not me Big boys done it and run away!.

    For Ray though some very fitting scurvy dogs. The fearsome crews that made Britain Great! Well done mate.

  2. Lovely figures Ray. I really like the leader with his dragoon pistol. Well done!

  3. Very nice. Have these guys and they are very nice, especially when painted up as freed slaves and not 1980's Scousers

    1. 1980s scousers? Hmmm, now if he'd painted the clothing as garishly coloured shell suits... ;)

    2. Pirates in purple shell suits. Fearsome indeed

  4. You've amassed quite the salty crew now Ray. Nice one!

  5. I really like the direction your Donnybrook stuff is heading, Ray! These lads look very fine and are capable of causing trouble most anywhere! ;)

  6. Very nice crew, suitably dastardly!

  7. Excellent work, Ray, an intimidating crew!

  8. The plague of the seven seas! Well done Ray.

  9. Very nice, love the bloke in the red coat!