Saturday, 31 December 2016

From GregB: Epic 30k Sons of Horus and Knights (25 points)

More Epic 30k fun!

My third submission stays with the 30k theme and setting, but switches scales.  These are for Epic, GW's excellent 6mm rules, a game so good the tools that run GW killed and then wondered why it died. The Epic game lives on thanks to the passion of the gamers who enjoyed it so much.  Hilariously, GW has announced it will supposedly "bring back" Epic, but the timeline for this alleged reappearance continues to stretch out in a management fashion that would make Dilbert blush.  GW may bring back the game, or some version of it, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Terminator officer brings his banner to battle, like any respectable officer would!
Anyway, the point is not to rant, but to share! So on with the submission. There are a few different bits here.  The bulk of it, painted green, are from the 16th Legion, the Warmasters' own Sons of Horus.  Participants from the last Painting Challenge will recall some of the early work on this force, and it continues to grow.

Love the oversized autocannons on the Terminator - there is also a deredeo dreadnought behind them
Horus for hope!
The infantry represent a Terminator detachment.  While the Terminators are next to useless in the large scale 30k/40k game, the Epic rules model these scary troops very well.  The Terminator detachment can arrive anywhere on the table and deliver a devastating blow, consistent with the fluff of their back story.

Deredeo class dreadnoughts - lots of cannons and missiles, fire support galore
Command APC in the front, and a trio of "Leviathan" dreadnoughts behind it - the Knights loom in the background
The green walkers are dreadnoughts of different varieties - the two smaller ones are "Deredeo" class, basically heavy weapon support platforms.  The trio of larger ones are "Leviathans", large dreadnought-class armour intended for even-heavier up close and personal support.

Sicaran tank, boasting a pair of deadly autocannons in the turret - I love this vehicle

There are three armoured vehicles - two Sicaran battle tanks and one command variant of a Rhino APC.  As Byron has described, the Sicaran tank is one of the nicest designs, looking very cool and aggressive.  The Rhino with the little radar dish will be a useful ride for the commanders in the Sons of Horus forces on the table.

A detachment of four Knights - deadly walkers, heavy fighting machines
There are four larger walkers in the submission as well - these are Knights.  Organized into "houses", the Knights hail from certain worlds in the Imperium and...have a back story so lame it isn't even worth summarizing.  They are groups of menacing walking machines. As with the Space Marine Legions, the Knight Households split during the Horus Heresy, some siding with the Warmaster and others remaining loyal to the Emperor.  There are many different configurations of these vehicles, with a wide assortment of weapons.  There are two "Knights Errant", sporting thermal cannons and two "Paladins", carrying battle cannons.

The machine on the right is an "Errant", equipped with a thermal cannons
The fellow on the left is a "Paladin", armed with a battle cannon

One of the knights and one stand of Terminators were painted pre-challenge as test models, so this submission overall includes 15 infantry, five "artillery pieces" and six vehicles, good for a modest little sum of 24.5 points.  Not much, but it all helps.  Having seen how Jamie and Iannick can paint - never mind Alex! - I need to scrape every point I can for our side duel...


Gorgeous work Greg! I really like both the Epic rules and its 6mm scale as I think they do such a great job reflecting the fury (and leathality) of the 30/40K universe. 

I am constantly amazed at what you can pull out in the details with these small scale figures - things like the lit viewports, vehicle markings, infantry standards and subtle weathering. It's all wonderful stuff.

What's not to like about the hulking Imperial Knights and Sicaran tanks, but I have to say that I'm quite taken with the 'Daredeo' and 'Leviathan' Dreadnoughts. They are relatively small models, but they look very nasty and I'm sure they have an impressive stat line in the game.

Let's round that up to 25, shall we? Excellent! 


  1. I love these the detail you have in these is fantastic, love the green egde highlights on the tanks

  2. I am so very tempted by 30K every single time I see your stuff Greg. I love the colours, the weathering, the unit details, absolutely everything. Just beautiful mate!

  3. I love these - fantastic the way your painting style and attention to detail makes the figures 'pop'.

  4. I love these - fantastic the way your painting style and attention to detail makes the figures 'pop'.

  5. So lush, excellent 6mm work


  6. Very impressive! There are some really nice models there and your paint work defies common sense. I can' believe the level of detail you get to on those tiny models. I love it!

  7. Wow Greg, these are really something! I can only marvel at the amount of detail you've been able to carry off in this tiny scale. I know it's beyond my own capabilities - well done!

  8. Really great looking work here. I really like all the extra details you painted into them.

  9. Those are sweet Greg. Makes me want to get into epic again

  10. Great start to the Epic side of the challenge! Guess I should start soon ;-)

    Your Sons of Horus force is looking mighty good, it shows that you nailed that green. The Sicarans and the dreadnoughts are some of my favourites

  11. Wow, just awesome! Those knights are my personal favourites and look fantastic at this scale.... and you can bring 4 to the table without ruining the game like it would do in 40k :) I've been keeping an eye on the GW reboot as I know there's no way I'll resist it. Where on earth do you get all these great figures from?

  12. Wonderful painting work. I need to find some of these figures...

  13. Wow, the level of detail you've managed to put on these is incredible!

  14. Outstanding work Greg! Seeing you coming up with some new Epic stuff is always something I'm very much looking forward to.

  15. A super looking epic display Greg!


  16. Epic, 30k and 40k make my eyes glaze over like Curt's with Dr Who. However, whatever they are these figures and wonderfully painted. Well done!

  17. Wow impressive stuff! Your Epic 30/40k collections really are amazing. Gotta love the tiny versions of knights. Much better than the old plastic GW offerings. Any chance you'd be willing to sell a few if you have spares? :)

  18. Some grim looking hardware there, the colours really bring things to life.

  19. Grand job on the detachment, Greg! From tanks, to infantry, to knights, it's all really good stuff!
    My favorites are the leviathan dreds and the character given to the command stand....really good work!