Saturday, 31 December 2016

From JamesB: New Years Zombicide (250 Points)

So for my 40 Birthday I ask my wife for the game Zombicide and I was very surprised when the next weekend after I had invited my Daughter and her boyfriend round for Sunday roast and a game of Zombicide that my wife wanted to give the game a try.

Well our first run through did not go to well and most of us died except my Wife who finished the game striding down the road blasting zombies with twin usi sub machine guns, and she was hooked. Thus started our family love for the game and we can often be found slaying together in fact the last two boxing days have seen Zombicide games with my Family my Mum and Dad and my Sister and her kids so three generations. Since our first game three years ago its been a tradition that New Years eve afternoon is spent playing Zombicide followed by a Chinese banquet. this year we have moved on to season two and Prison Break that introduces the Berserk Zombies only snag with this is I had not painted them.

Action from the New Years Eve Game

My fully painted Survivors from Season 1&2 plus the Toxin expansion
While my survivors are painted in full detail my Zombies are monochrome with just a splash of colour, Basic Zombies have been black the Toxic one I painted green so the new ones were planned as red. I enjoyed painting these but in my rush to get them on the gaming table I tried to varnish them when it was not warm enough this morning leading to a bit of clouding on them it not terminal but annoying.

Along side these Zombies I painted a pack of Zombie dogs which did not get an outing today but will be used shortly.

So over the last week I have painted 29 Zombies and 20 Zombie Dogs. Pictures were taken after our game in which we were well beaten (does not often happen), but I am sure we will perform better next time.

I recommend Zombicide to everyone its a game simple to learn and complex enough for each game to feel different. It encourages team work as if you try and go it alone you will be swamped. 


Great stuff James! That sounds like a fun New Years Eve tradition you've got going there. We played through the 'Boomtown' campaign last year and enjoyed the linked missions. 

I like the glossy rancid red you've used for your zombies - they look very, um... icky. I've not tried the game with the dogs yet, but I want to after seeing your pups here. I'm sure they add some challenges for the Survivors.

I'm going to give you a few more points for the Fattys and the A-Bomb as they are quite large figures. Well done James!


  1. Great stuff. My boys and I love this game, though sadly my wife is not as great a fan. We've also been enjoying the Black Plague version. They cleaned some things up and generally improved it so give it shot when you can.

    1. That was our Boxing day game this year my Dad owns our copy. I enjoyed it but prefer the original version

  2. What a superb assemblage of undead! That's a horde and a half, well done!

  3. I really like how the game looks with the painted figures. Well done!

  4. Zombicide is a good game. When painted well the figures do look nice and improve the look of the game. And these are definitely painted nicely.

  5. Lovely looking figures, great to hear you have such fun with the whole family


  6. Nice job - very visceral! We play ZC too and it's great fun.

  7. Happy new year - nice little zombie Points bomb

  8. A fine collection of zombies for sure

  9. Very well done! Zombicide is a a great game and with your superbly painted figures on the table it's certainly even more enjoyable.

  10. Nice work James and one day I really want to try out Zombicide!


  11. It is great that the whole family enjoys playing. The game looks terrific with your painted figures.

  12. You can't have too many zombies.

  13. It's all rather icky but well done nevertheless.
    Zombie dogs was an early Bowie hit, wasn't it?

  14. They look grand even with the mild cloudy, James! I like your zombie basing too as it helps speed up the gaming.
    My kids love this game a lot, unfortunately Santa was unable to get Rue Morgue or Angry Neighbors...maybe next year! ;)