Monday, 9 January 2017

From AdamC - Gray Regiment, Civilians and Gnolls (130 Points)

My 5th Entry of the challenge (including the bonus round) is a bit of an eclectic mix of 25/28mm figures. 
 First up is the Gray Regiment the partner and/or possible opponent for the Blue Regiment.  I did Six Pikemen for this regiment, since the set from Warlord has some extra Pikemen.
 Again I did 8 musketeers because I assumed the Pikeman's Lament would have mixed units of pike and shot I have since learned that they operate as separate units.  So you may see some more men for the Blue and Gray regiments.
 Top down view of the pike men.
 Ditto for the muskets
 And a couple of side views to give the full view of the regiment
 I think they men mix and match well and Think they will work well with their brothers in blue.
 The commander of the gray regiment in close up he looks like he might need a couple of minor touch ups.
 Those flowing yellow locks suggest he's ready to be on the cover of a bodice ripper historical romance.
 I did feathers for both regiments in red and Yellow to tie them together.
 A very fancy and drummer, no drummer boy for this regiment this man is clearly a veteran.
I am very happy with the way the lace came out on this fellow.
  The long hair is clearly trying to make up for his balding top but at least he doesn't comb over.
 Warlord Games give you one more body than you have weapons for but I was able to kit bash this guy together.  The knife and one arm is from Northstar(Frostgrave) the rest of him is Warlord
 I wanted him to look unique a volunteer Gent among the troops.
 He'll also work nicely for En Garde and Frostgrave.
 The last figure form the Warlord Clubmen set, the Squire.  I love this figure it just exudes "suave"
 I when with Purple and red since they seemed to convey his upper class status he will really pop when compared to the more soberly dressed soldiers I typically field.
 I added a band of lace to his hat and the basing is intended to convey a cobble stone street you may recognise it from Christmas displays.
  Another wench with a cleaver.   This one is from Brigade Games.
 She's not actively seeking trouble like Bess I suspect she's hiding around a corner for trouble to come to her.
 Her colors and out fit are again inspired by searching period paintings for real out fits form the period.
 I think this fellow goes well the woman above, and they are from the same set from Brigade Games
 He has a good simple out fit, he looks like an honest working man an Inn Keeper perhaps. 
 Clearly he's no more aggressive than his wife(?) since holing a pistol like that mean your only chance to hit some one is if they are jumping on top of you. They will be good additions to my Civilian collection.
 Now we are shifting gears a group of six Gnoll Bowmen.  These are Plastics form Northstar I'm planning to use these in Frostgrave and as a unit for Dragon Rampant.
 I did the bases as mostly bare dirt with some sparse vegetation as Frostgrave Gnolls live under ground but I didn't want to limit their use.
 I tried to mix up the colors to imply they were stealing clothing form various sources. This shot may in fact show what I was doing with the bases better than the top down one.
 Second set of three Gnolls
 I plan to use these guys as an unit of Elite foot with the missile weapons upgrade.
 I really like how these guys came together and more are on the way.  Their hunched over pose really does give them a hyena or dog like quality.
There are a total of 26 figures here for a total of 130, respectable work for a week though nothing compared to some people's point bombs. Still I am pleased with my results.  If its OK to mention this here my friend Dave is hosting a 24 hour Game-a-thon to raise money for Extra Life a wonderful charity that provides support to children with serious illnesses.  We would be honoured to accept any donations you can make.

MilesR: Great job Adam - I especially like the civvies and Gnolls.  This group will, indeed, net you 130 points!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank You I'm really happy with how they came out.

  2. He's at it again... slow down and give the rest of us a chance!
    ; )

    1. Talk to the 16 people ahead of me

    2. The only reason I'm not at Number 100 is because I have a princely 5 points!
      : )

  3. I am really enjoying your foray into the ECW, good work


  4. I'm really enjoying your varied and lively entries. The research you did into civilian dress of the period paid off for the civvies, though all your figures have great colour and style.

  5. Nice work Adam. I do like those Gnolls.

    1. thanks they are nice figures, and more are coming.

  6. A nice selection of figures, my favourite is the lady with the cleaver, great work on her skirt and bodice.

  7. Wow what a varried posting Adam! Well done!

    1. Thanks my plan had been to break them up a bit but you know what happens when you are making plans... so they all when up together because it was just more efficient.

  8. I think the drummer is my favourite!

  9. That's quite a collection, nice work Adam!

  10. Nicely done Adam. Gnolls seem so underused in D+D (at least when I was playing) mostly because the lack of decent figures. But you have found some and done a good job reinstating them to D+D bad guys!

    1. You are quite right about how hard it is to find Gnoll figures. But between Northstar/Frostgrave and Reaper Minis there is now a good selection.