Monday, 9 January 2017

Mondays Minion - I'm Back

Wow - it's yet another Monday and time for me to assume the awesome mantle of control of the Challenge and bring order to our lands.

It's a good thing I don't let this stuff go to my head...

So sit back, grab a cup of coffer and buckle up - there's a fist full of Monday coming at you.

But first, a little musical interlude from one of my favorite performers Jimmy Buffet, performing an appropriately titled track from his album "Living and Dying in 3/4 time.  Some of you may find this ballad a bit on the sedate side but we can't all be glam rockers like Millsy or headbangers like Curt

I was amazed to see how many submission there were for the armor challenge - that bodes very well for the projected point total.  As for this Mondays slate of posts, lets just say it's jumbo sized with over 2,000 total points coming at you like a runaway freight train of painted goodness.

What make this Monday special?
- three posts from one person totaling a staggering 808 points!
- the continent of Africa provides the vast majority of todays pointage cornucopia
- not one, not two but three point bombs of over 450 points each - if that's not paint carpet bombing I don't know what is
- Scales from 6mm to 28mm
- Moderns from the BAOR to near future Chinese
- Pikes, Gnolls and Rats even some Nappies
- A nostalgic thrill form our younger days

Oh yeah, it's Monday baby, the Monster Truck Rally day of the week.  Get ready to have your collective world's rocked.  It's a Thriller my friends.


  1. It sounds like you've got a busy day ahead - better reinforce that coffee to steel your nerves! :)

  2. Looks like a busy day... I better go brew that coffee.

  3. Have a good one Miles. Screw the coffee and go for Rioja!

    1. Sadly my employer isn't enlightened enough to allow Rioja or any other type of wine in the office so I will make due with coffee

    2. There is absolutely nothing that isn't made material better with the introduction of a nice Rioja.

  4. Great stuff Miles! You're doing a wonderful job. I thought with you being the Champion last year, you could take on your fellow heavy hitters. ;)

    38th position and dropping fast... :)

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    1. While I know exactly what your voice sounds like, in my mind that somehow that morphed into a blend of Disc Jockey and Rodeo Announcer while reading this :-)
      Bring on Triple M (Miles' Monday Madness) FM!

    2. FM! No Static at all....

  6. Monday Rocks!

    Now there's two words I never thought I'd use together and in that order.

    Go Mondayiners... (that's a word. Honest. Well maybe... coffee?)